9 email marketing tips for local businesses

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No matter how great your products are, if your approach to customers lacks proper marketing tricks, it is likely all the quality you have to offer will go unnoticed. Here are some powerful and yet simple email marketing tips that will help you target the right people and sell your products:

  1. Simplify subscription options

One of the easiest ways to do this is simply by adding a subscribe button wherever possible. It is important to keep subscription simple, as no one wants to spend ages trying to subscribe to your website. While asking for more info from your subscription is handy later on, try to keep only the necessary sign-up boxes. Include CTA’s on your posts to make it easy for people to reach your content through the posts.

  1. Categorize your audience by interest

Not everyone from your audience is interested in what you have to offer the same way. This is why it is important to target subgroups as much as possible instead of sending generic content, as staying focused on interests of different subgroups will draw and keep their attention.

  1. …and by demographics

Although there are chances of having a relatively consistent audience, there will always be some variations in your concerning demographics. By categorizing your audience this way, you are discerning differences in shopping habits, and this increases your chance of selling products.

  1. Allow sharing

By making your emails shareable through adding share buttons in every email, you increase the possibility of extending the audience and do so effectively. Because it is likely, if members of your audience share your content, that you will get more relevant subscribers and therefore extend your reach.

  1. Let people know what they are subscribing to

Make sure your subscribers know what to expect from you. If you are going to send promotions along with new content, put it in newsletter description. Keep your newsletter as predictable as possible, as no one wants to receive irrelevant content on a daily basis. Not only will you lose potentially quality content, but also subscribers.

  1. Speaking of promotions…

More often than not, promotions guarantee success. Make sure these are catchy, timely and simple. Deliver what you promise and possibly let the audience choose if they want to receive discounts or not.

  1. Geo-targeting for better results

Targeting local audience opens the doors to sending more relevant content to more relevant members of your audience. This will make it easy to connect and share with them information’s concerning local events and sales nearby.

  1. Make it personal

With right optimization, you can target each individual from your subscriber’s list. This is possible with simple tricks, like adding their names and details in each newsletter. It is a simple, but powerful way of showing your customers they matter.

  1. Focus on the audience instead of the product

Why should someone by your product? What makes it so interesting? It is really a must-have? By focusing on the needs of the potential customers and highlighting what a product can offer them, you not only increase the efficiency of your sales but increase the possibility of them buying the next product as well.

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