8 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life


If you are in a long-term relationship and your passions are no longer keeping you up all night, it is not uncommon. It is normal to reach a phase where your sex life just isn’t what it once was. Even if your relationship is fairly new and fresh, you can still find yourselves in a place where you regularly opt for getting comfortable on the sofa and watch television together, rather than getting sexy under the bed covers together. This rut can be caused by many things, from you leading busy lives, to work stresses, financial worries, family demands, and the changes that come with having kids. While this is not uncommon, that fact doesn’t make it feel any better, so if you are keen to reignite your desire for each other and bring back some passion, follow these tips for eight sure-fire ways to improve your sex life.

Know yourself

Before you can help someone else make you feel good, you first need to know what makes you feel good. Explore your body. Banish any feelings of shame and simply get to know what makes you feel good, inside and out. Go to an adult toy shop and invest in some sex toys and let yourself enjoy your whole body. Sex toys such as bangin betty can help you to reach an orgasm and heighten your sexual pleasure, both by yourself and as a couple.

Try exploring other devices such as vaginal dilators or kegel weights. These help in relaxing and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for better sex. These are also known to increase sexual intimacy between couples.

Put communication first

Being honest and establishing good communication with your partner is vital when it comes to spicing up your sex life, but also to ensuring the longevity of your relationship. Tell each other what you want to do to each other and what you would like done to you. If you aren’t ready to talk about your desires, then try writing down your fantasies, having a glass of wine together and reading them together or swapping papers. It will help to give you ideas to begin playing in the bedroom.


Just as it is important to communicate openly and honestly about what you like and don’t like, and want and don’t want, it is also important to be open about any potential issues. Even health can be a problem if there is little to no honesty and communication, the longer you last the more you have time to spend quality time with each other. Looking for treatments for premature ejaculation can help heaps in accomplishing that.” Often the things that people fear sharing can be easily solved together. For example, if you or your partner suffer from erection problems, then a supplement such as Viril-X may be able to help by boosting testosterone levels and enhancing sexual performance.

Don’t forget the foreplay

Foreplay is important to ensure prolonged stimulation and heightened orgasms, especially for women. Foreplay can include cuddling, kissing, massage, and anything that gets your aroused. Why not get some sex toys that work for both of you, as sharing sex toys together can be a new and exciting way to liven things up if you are experiencing a dull patch in the bedroom. A vibrator can help to turn on sensitive areas in both men and women, and massage oil and lube can also heighten your pleasure. Using a natural lubricant such as one from  https://lubracil.com/ can aid with loosening things up if you struggle to get comfortable and help both of you enjoy the experience more. It doesn’t have to remain totally plain however, you could spice things up a bit more and alternatively try a butt plug or watching pornography together to get you both in the mood.

Set up some anticipation

As with many things in life, building anticipation for time spent together with your partner can increase the excitement and heighten the pleasure. When you are apart, send teasing messages about what will happen later to turn each other on. Sext your partner in the middle of the day about what you would like to do to them in the bedroom. You could even Snapchat a photo to get the blood pumping. Receiving a kinky message while at work is guaranteed to brighten up a dull meeting for them and make them hurry home after work.

Experiment with your kinky side

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be tied to the bed or blindfolded while being given a sensual massage? Let your desires free and explore your kinky side with your partner. The runaway success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and the film has led to a rise in interest in S&M, so if you are both willing, why not incorporate some light S&M or bondage into your bedroom play? Keep your communication open and make sure you ask each other if things feel good as you play and if your partner would like more or less of something.

Long live romance

For many women, it is important to be turned on mentally before things get going physically in the bedroom. Try to set the scene and incorporate romance into your time together to help get in the mood for sex. Create a sensual mood and atmosphere by lowering the lighting and dotting scented candles around the room. Put your favorite music on and indulge in a relaxing massage with your partner. Don’t underestimate the importance of scents to help arousal. Use aromatherapy massage oils to help things along, incorporating smells such as rose and clary sage which are said to heighten libido. Using flavored massage oil or edible lube means you can enjoy the taste should the massage lead on to other things.

Take the pressure off

The last thing you want is to feel pressured into sex by your partner. If your sex life is in a dip, then try to take the focus off sex itself and put more emphasis on just enjoying time together and reconnecting on that level before feeling like you have to get down to it in the bedroom. Spend some time doing the things you both love, such as going for a long bike ride in the country together or getting a takeaway pizza and watching a movie on the sofa. Acknowledge each other’s needs, both emotional and physical, and try to give time to just having fun. Look at old photos together and recreate your first date. If you have kids, get a babysitter and go away for the night or out for dinner and promise each other that you won’t talk about the kids all evening. This is about the two of you reconnecting in your relationship and getting away from being Mom and Dad for a night, and it will help you to feel stronger as a couple, which can only help to move things on in the bedroom department too.

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