8 Useful Interview Tips for Recent College Graduates

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Appearing for a job interview for the very first time is a nightmare most college pass outs have gone through. It is a moment of nervousness and excitement. You might have done a few internships which would have added to your knowledge, but they do not provide you with the adequate technical knowledge required for a job. A direct interview with the hiring employer is a whole together new experience.

Here are 8 useful tips for college students who have recently completed their course and have graduated, which will guarantee them a sure success in getting selected for their very first job in the company of their liking.

1. You Should Be Dressed Appropriately

Physical appearance is of utmost importance when you appear for an interview. The interview starts with the employer judging your clothing sense when you enter the room. Make sure to create a long-lasting impression! Here I have described the most appropriate dress code for both men as well as women.

  • For Men:
  • You should make sure that you have a professional attire. It should be acceptable in the corporate scenario. The dress you wear provides a direct statement to the hiring employee. One should always remember that being overdressed is acceptable than being underdressed.
  • Matching of shoes, ties, shirt, trousers is of prime importance. A dark colored suit usually complements a light shirt.
  • You should neatly iron your clothes, wash them properly and make sure they don’t have a single stain on them. All this should be done well before the day of the interview.
  • You should make sure to maintain utmost dental and body hygiene.
  • Having a bath on the day of the interview is must. No one would like to hire a person who smells on the very first day.
  • Your hairstyle should be neat, conservative and decent. A bad haircut translates into a laid-back attitude.
  • For Women:
  • In the foreign countries, the women usually prefer to wear a suit along with skirt and trousers.
  • Make up shouldn’t be overdone. Avoid using exorbitant nail polishes.
  • Hair should be tightly done, neat and clean. They should be styled in a proper manner. Over-styling is not appreciated in a corporate setup. Make sure that your hair is dry and is free from dandruff or any other visible hair problems.

These tips are needed to be incorporated to guarantee jobs for recent graduates with no experience.

2. You Should Be Very Well Acquainted with The Company You Are Applying to and Its Business

Researching a company’s background, their recent interventions in the market, their recent business deals, their recent profits and losses, etc. is an excellent way of showing the hiring employers that you are keenly interested in the job. All the recent events of the company should be religiously followed. You should gather all the information from the company’s recent official press releases and statements. This builds a sense of dedication in the eyes of the hiring committee. You should be well versed with the client base that the company has produced over time, the products that the company endorses and the services offered by the company.

3. You Should Be Able to Act Confident Without Hesitation

Breathing helps enormously during an interview. I am sure you must have encountered a moment of awkward silence and the employers aren’t saying anything. During these moments, you might become very nervous. One can easily counter this with heavy breathing. Take deep breaths while concentrating on the movements of the entire respiratory tract. Positive thinking and deep breathing are the best things which one can do in moments of nervousness. To know more about maintaining a calm mind during an interview, click here.

4. You should be Prepared with The Questions That You Want to Ask

You should be prepared for the question that you want to ask the employer. You should always avoid questions that have a too broad or too narrow answer. Make sure that you do not ask any inappropriate questions to the interviewer. Some of the best questions that you can ask are as follows.

  • How would you describe the culture and ethics of your company?
  • What are some of the major expectations that you from the role I am applying to?
  • How is the company expanding in quantity and quality?
  • How do you think the company will look in due course of time?
  • What are the biggest challenges faced by the company in the market?

To know more about the appropriate questions to be asked in an interview,


5. You Should Maintain a Calm and Sturdy Tone

The tone which you present in front of the employer has a direct relation with the odds of you being hired for the job. Your tone should be enthusiastic. Being concise and complete is the key to perfectly answering a question. You should be brutally honest while letting the employer know your shortcomings. Being calm is a key technique in winning the heart of the employer. You should come across as a pleasant person with whom the interviewer would want to work with.
Smiling is a plus point in interviews. A perfect smile is necessary to nail an interview. It shouldn’t be overdone or underdone. Make sure you send out a message that you are a warm and engaging person.

6. Build an Interesting and Informative Resume

A resume is a useful document which should provide concise and relevant information about you. You shouldn’t elongate the resume unnecessarily. It should be easy to read. There should be specially designed sections for your education details, personal details, achievements, etc. The entire resume should be split in different parts. The employer shouldn’t get confused while reading it. It should have a professional look. A modern colorful resume always helps the employer to engage in the same. Use the appropriate font type and font size. Include all activities, including internships and college projects, in the resume. This adds a boost to the entire resume.

7. Always Be an Excellent Listener

Answering all questions in an interview doesn’t guarantee you a job. One of the main reasons fresh graduates do not get selected for a certain job is because they aren’t avid listeners. You should eliminate all sorts of distractions while giving an interview. While listening, in case your phone vibrates, do not get distracted. This attitude makes the interviewer believe that you are a dedicated person.

8. Always Draft a Thank You Mail
A mail of appreciation regardless of your selection is a good practice. You should thank the employer for providing you the opportunity to meet them. You should mention the reasons as to why you think that you are perfect for the role in question. The thank you note shout be brief and on-point.

In the end, I hope you have learnt a great deal of knowledge. I wish that you incorporate all of these points into yourself while preparing for an interviewer. These skills guarantee the selection of a freshly graduated student into the company of his liking. Hope you enjoyed reading the article! All the very best for a bright future!


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