8 types of chairs when decorating your home

A good chair in place can make a room more inviting. It is a furniture type we need for leisure, comfort and different utility in our daily lives. Nowadays, people are keener to buy chair designs that suit their home interiors. Because of this, chair manufacturers have been producing multiple kinds of decorative seatings to meet customers’ expectations.

To help you choose the best seating as per your needs that also fits your interior look, we bring you a list of 8 decorative chairs for your home.

Wing Chairs

The chair type represents class and an element of fashion when placed in a room. It is comfortable to sit on, improves your body posture, and is highly upholstered. This chair satisfies both contemporary aesthetics and the traditional decor of your home. You just have to choose the right patterns and materials.

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have been known to the American market for over 300-years. They are simple staples. Originally the rocking chair was created for mothers to rock their babies. Wooden has been the prime material for the classic rocking chair, but its design also consists of modern iterations. It is not upholstered and enables the user to rock it back and forth.


It is another great comfortable armchair available on the market. It is upholstered and lets the sitter lower the back and conveniently lift up the footrest. This mechanism can be worked out in two ways:

  • When you pull a lever attached to the chair’s side.
  • When you push back into the chair at the time, you sit in it.

Peacock chair

It’s an armchair with a heightened rounded back usually made up of wicker or rattan.

The traditional English Windsor chair heavily inspires the design of the peacock chair. The designer has flattened the spindles’ fans to make the seating more ergonomic for the users. The flat spindle backrest resembles the tail of a peacock; hence the same was suggested.

Ottoman chair

The furniture piece has its origin in the Ottoman Empire. The core design has existed since the 18th century and has evolved from a resting ottoman structure to the compact footrest of today. Earlier, the chair was used only by VIPs of private club members. The chair is upholstered with fabric or leather and is highly versatile. It could be used as an alluring coffee table attached with a tray and as an extra chair at home. It can also offer plenty of storage space. If you have vintage decor at home, then it is a perfect choice.

Eames LCW Chair

This elegant chair is a result of an experiment done on the Kazam machine. It presses thin wood sheets and bends them together. The chair with a seat and back is built to cradle a sitter of any size perfectly. It can be called a small lounge chair wood with a unique design made by molding 3-dimensional plywood. The seat also consists of face veneer in walnut or ash.

Office Chairs / Desk Chairs

These come among the most commonly used chairs, especially in at-home workspaces or offices. The ideal design of these chairs aims to boost the overall productivity of its users with excellent back support. They come with wheels set attached at the bottom to allow their mobility. Though there are office chairs with a range of styles, prices and colors, buy premium chairs if you work for long hours. The chair also makes your body posture much better due to its provided lumbar support.

Charles and Ray Eames chair

These are the most comfortable chairs anyone can own. It gives a warm and luxurious feel when sat on. In 1956 the creators produced the chair’s seat using black leather and wood. Nowadays, they come in a slew of upholstery and different finish options. These qualities make these chairs to be a top choice for varying home interiors.

The final words

Though there are various options to choose from, the list mentioned above will give you a better idea about which chair type might be a perfect choice. Depending on your house decor and interior design, select a chair that effortlessly blends in with the surrounding.

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