8 Tips from the Professionals on How to beer bong

People also know this common house party game as Beirut or beer pong. The game is considered the most fun activity that everyone can play. Due to its commonness in parties, party goers have become more competitive. And it is actually fun to show impressive tricks while being fully drunk. Also, you would be surprised to know that there is not one but a bunch of ways to master it. The article has listed some popular tips from professionals; check them out here:



Tip 1: Try to understand the game play

The Beirut or beer pong game makes all its players drunk. Your aim must be to get the other team drunker than yours so they can’t aim properly. With every score by your team, the other team would drink the beer. In other words, every time your team lands the ping pong ball in any of the cups of the other team, they are supposed to take out the ball and drink the beer.


Tip 2: Be prepared for a hangover

The whole point of playing beer bong is to get a hangover. The winner is someone who can drink as much as possible while still managing to have an explicit aim. So if you are about to drive after the party, then keep counting your shots. Keep some remedy prepared to counter your hangover later.


Tip 3: Have the right tools

You need 16-ounce plastic party cups. Next, buy 2 ping pong balls for both teams. It is advised to have some extra balls as well. Get around an 8-foot table, as it’s the standard size. Also, keep some cups for water so that players can rinse the balls when needed.


Tip 4: Pick up the cup number

The beer pong cups are organized in a triangle that resembles a cue-in pool rack. You can easily play a 6-cup beer pong by arranging the cups in a 3-2-1 formation. You can also have 10 cups with an arrangement as 4-3-2-1. The complexity of the formation would be totally your call.

Larger cups are preferred.


Tip 5: Have the right team by side

The real fun begins in the beer bong game when everyone is in full swing. So don’t choose the teammates that are a bit sober. They will play using their trick shots, and anyone won’t be able to get drunk properly. Also, ensure not to ask any couple to start you off. They might get hooked up in eye contact for unnecessarily long while drunk. And this will cause a delay in starting the game.


Tip 6: Make the game more entertaining

What can be done to make a game more interesting that involves drunk people throwing tiny balls in cups? Well, you can introduce Deer and Fear bong. The Deer bong would be a family-friendly version where getting drunk would be optional. But, here, players need to figure out the colors and shapes after a few beers, which becomes entertaining. On the other hand,

Fear bong involves some spicy truth-or-dare questions.


Tip 7: Make some fun house rules

House rules make the parties more fun. You might make the following house rules for your beer pong party:

  • Losers have to drink each of the leftover beers from both sides of the team.
  • The game resets every time you make two shots back to back.
  • Two balls falling in the same cup ends the game automatically etc.


Tip 8: Learn a few tricks beforehand

Knowing a few tricks would help you play the game like a pro. So, learn a few tossing tricks. For example:

  • High arc or lob
  • The straight-shooting fastball
  • The underhand throw
  • The bounce shot skipping 2 or 3 cups before settling


Remember to play the game after meals so that you won’t get drunk too quickly.


The final words

Once you follow these professional tips, you’ll surely slay at the beer pong. However, make sure the game remains fun and not too competitive. With friendly vibes, everyone would be able to enjoy the drinks and the gameplay at its best. So, which trick do you think would be the best to help improve your play?


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