8 Tips for Teachers on Their First Day at School… Yes, They Have to Face It Too!

You’re likely to have equal measures of excitement and anxiety on your first day at school as a teacher. However, if you are anxious, you don’t have to worry much as all teachers including the most experienced ones feel anxious before they face their students when a new academic season begins.

However, if you want to start teaching in Florida, make sure you take FTCE practice tests which will certify you to teach in the public school, in the state of Florida. However, you don’t want to leave anything to chance even after you’ve passed the test with colorful marks. Here are the top eight tips to excel and make a positive first impression on your first day at school:

Practice with the Technology Before the Start of School

Confirm that you have the right login details to communicate on the school’s communication platform. Also, familiarize yourself with the school’s practice tests, the grading platform and other platforms being used by your school.

To allow you to set up access to use the appropriate programs, ask for the licenses of those software programs you have to use. For example; Google Ed Suite, Edmodo, Vocabulary.com, Newsela.com, Turnitin.com etc. are some that are generally used by institutions.

Make Detailed Lesson Plans

These lessons should contain instructions you will follow for each class period. Commit them to heart. Do not teach without preparation; it can backfire. Whether technology fails, materials are not yet available, or you have extra students (which is very likely), always have a backup plan for each situation.

Teach on Your First Day at School

Jump right into teaching on your first day, set the rules, go through the class syllabus and take attendance. Don’t spend all day performing administrative tasks.

Post the Classroom Rules Where All Students Can See Them

Use the school’s discipline plan and the student handbook to develop the classroom rules and post the rules where all students can see them. Take time to explain each rule and the consequences of breaking each rule.

You will be wrong to assume that students will read and adhere to the rules on their own. Continue to drill the rules into the students in every class. Though you can ask the students to submit their contributions to these rules. Thus, the students feel they’re involved in running the class. However, their submissions shouldn’t contradict that of the school.

Smile to Each Student When They Enter Your Classroom for the First Time

Then, start memorizing their names. You can have them create name tags for their desks so that you can use those names to call the students when you start teaching. You want to set the right expectations for the academic year. When you smile at them, you are showing them that you’re excited to meet them and not that you’re a weak teacher.

Arrive Early

Get settled in your classroom by arriving at school early on your first day. Also, ensure that you’re well prepared for the day, and you won’t have to rush back home to pick up anything.

Understand the Procedure for Making Photocopies

In some schools, you are to make advance requests before you can make copies which will be done by an office staff, but in other schools, you can go to the printer to make the copies yourself. Regardless of the procedure, make all copies you will need for your first day. If you wait till the last minute to make such copies, you might not have the time to make any copy. Know where the school keeps their books, supplies and other materials you will need to teach.

Start Making Friends with Your Co-Workers

These include other classroom teachers, janitor, librarian, school secretary and person who takes records of absent teachers. Ensure you develop a deeper relationship with those teaching around your classroom since they will be the first you will ask questions and share your concerns.

Making a positive first impression on your first day at school is fairly simple when you apply the above eight tips. So, implement those tips, you’re going to be glad you did!

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