8 Myths about Electric Floor Heating

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You might have heard some things about floor heating that are making you skeptical of whether you should go for it or not. The following are some of the most common myths about electric floor heating:

1. It is not safe to install in wet rooms

One of the most common myths about electric floor heating is that it is not safe for wet rooms. This is not true. In most cases, you’ll find that the electric cables are covered with sheaths for additional electrical protection.

Also, all the cables and mats used in the installation process are usually tested during production to ensure that they’re not faulty in any way.

2. It is complicated to install

This is also not true. This is because electric heating maps can be easily mounted on old homes as well as new ones. It’s also very important to note that the time required for installation will also be the same regardless of the type of flooring involved.

3. It is complicated to regulate

On the contrary, floor heating is actually very easy to regulate. There are two renowned ways you can regulate your floor heating. You can either do it using a separate thermostat installed in every room or using a single device with a centrally-located main panel.

This main panel is used to control all the thermostats and sensors in the house. This means that you get to regulate the heat emitted by your floor heating systems quite conveniently.

4. It can only be used for heating bathrooms

Another myth you’ve probably heard about floor heating is that it is only meant for wet rooms such as bathrooms. This is also not true because you can install floor heating in any room of your home and in any building you prefer.

This means that you can install floor heating in your bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, hallways, basement, kitchen, and any other room you want. You can also install floor heating systems in new buildings, renovated buildings, apartments, and even public buildings.

5. It can only be installed under terracotta

Another myth that is common about floor heating is that it is only applicable under terracotta flooring. However, this is misleading because floor heating can be installed under a variety of flooring materials.

You can install floor heating under terracotta, natural stone, wood flooring, ceramic tiles, parquet, laminated flooring, carpet flooring, linoleum, terrazzo, among many other types of flooring.

It might interest you to know that most floor heating solutions do not take up lots of space in your home, allowing you to design it whichever way you want.

6. It is very expensive

One of the most common myths that many people believe is that floor heating is expensive. However, this is not true. Unlike water-based floor heating systems, electric heating systems are relatively cheaper to maintain.

This is because when you install this floor heating system, you’re likely to reduce the room temperature in your home by about 2 degrees.

This helps you reduce any energy losses you were making initially by 20%. In the long run, a flooring heating system will help keep your electricity bills low.

7. It is only useful during the winter

It is important to note that floor heating can be used during any time of the year as per your preferences. However, floor heating is particularly very useful during cold days when your flooring is very cold.

Also, you can use floor heating systems during the summer when the room temperature is high, but the flooring is too cold.

8. It is harmful to your health

Another myth that you’ve probably heard about floor heating is that it can have negative health effects on you. This is also not true. Floor heating systems have no effect on your health.

Actually, the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by these systems is very low that is almost nonexistent


Installing electric floor heating systems in your home can be a very valuable investment. The best thing about these systems is that they make your home more comfortable since they keep the floor warm to ensure that you can walk on it barefooted.

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