8 Invaluable Reasons To Use Quality Napkins In Your Restaurant


Any fine dining restaurant should offer table napkins to their customers. This is what will make your eating establishment stand out from the rest. Table napkins have various purposes apart from complementing the overall ambiance in your restaurant. Understanding the various uses of these napkins will make you ensure that whenever you are getting supplies for your restaurant, napkins should be on the list.

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Types of table napkins

Before going further to highlight the various purposes of table napkins, it pays to understand the various types of napkins categorized according to the purpose. These include:

  • Dinner napkins
  • Luncheon napkins
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Dispenser napkins

Uses of table napkins

Invite to start the meal

Placing a napkin on the lap is a signal to begin the meal. This is very important when hosting a large number of guests at a party. Keep in mind that hosting parties is one of the best ways for restaurants to make some good money. Offering quality napkins to all guests makes it easy for everyone at the party to know when to begin enjoying the meal.

Create a better dining aesthetic

Quality table cloths and napkins are a mark of a fine restaurant. When looking forward to making your restaurant attract A-list customers, ensure to include quality napkins when getting restaurants supplies . This is a simple way to make your establishment stand out from the competition. Your customers will always feel that they are getting the most out of their money and are more likely to pay a little more. Fortunately, table napkins come in different options to ensure that you choose the one with the right look to match your restaurant.

Gives customers a good impression

Every business strives to make a great impression on customers. Therefore, leaving a mark on the minds of your customers requires giving them an exceptional experience. Your customers will feel well cared for and are more likely to write good reviews about your restaurant. Additionally, the wonderful experience customers derive from using napkins is likely to make them become return customers.

Noise reduction in your establishment

Restaurant customers regularly complain more about noise than customer service and price. This noise usually comes from:

  • Scraping of silverware against plates
  • Noise from glasses as they are picked up or down
  • Clanking of dishes when setting them down on tables

All these noises usually make it difficult for your customers to hold a conversation. This might make your customers switch to other restaurants. Fortunately, quality napkins will lessen noise in your food establishment. This acts as a barrier between different articles by limiting hard surfaces that might reverberate sound. The noise reduction creates a more relaxed ambiance conducive for your customers to hold conversations. This is likely to make your restaurant a wonderful meeting point.

Cleans the mouth

People have different eating habits. There is a likelihood of some customers getting sauce or crumbs sticking on the sides of their mouth. This is why you have to provide napkins for such situations. The customer will just gently wipe their mouth using the napkin to avoid getting messier. This is likely to enhance the customer experience in your restaurant.

Keeps customers tidy

Customers can use napkins for more purposes than cleaning the mouth. Placing a napkin on the lap protects the customer’s from getting soiled while enjoying their meal. The napkins catch any food crumbs or other mess. With a napkin on their lap, customers will always enjoy their meals without having to worry about their attires getting dirty or stained.

Covers awkward extras

Napkins can serve an unexpected purpose of saving customers from embarrassing moments. A sneeze or cough can come at a surprising moment. Fortunately, the napkin can become a wonderful tool to clean themselves from the mess. Using a napkin comes in handy before the customers can get time to excuse themselves. Therefore, ensure to avail quality napkins to your customers to enhance their experience in your eating establishment.

Enhances restaurant décor

The overall ambiance in your restaurant can make or break your restaurant . Therefore, you have to always strive to keep it appealing in the best way possible. Fortunately, napkins can help to enhance your decor. Napkins come in various materials, patterns, colours, and textures. This gives you an option to select napkins that match with your interior décor. All this will make your establishment more appealing to attract more customers.

Bottom line

The restaurant business is lucrative but requires being innovative to stay ahead of the competition. Appropriate use of quality napkins is a wonderful idea to make your establishment stand out. These serve various purposes including noise reduction, customers use them to clean their mouths and to keep tidy. The best thing about napkins is making customers get a good impression about your services and enhance your interior décor.

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