8 Hairstyle Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2021

After the major life upheaval that came about in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic, it feels like a good time to reinvent your look with a new hairstyle. We might not know how things will look like in the wake of this ‘new normal,’ but at least we can try and look good through it all.

Trends are cyclical, meaning they come and go. Right now, we’re seeing lots of hairstyles and accessories that were popular in the 1990s becoming huge fashion trends. You may see some of these trends continuing to show in 2021 alongside some new ones which you can recreate yourself in the comfort of your home (pandemic or not!).

From braided tendrils to claw clips, here are 8 top hairstyles and accessory trends to inspire a whole new you.

The Hairstyle Trend: Half-Up Hairdo


Wearing a protective face mask when venturing outside has become part of our daily lives. While it’s an unconscious move to brush hair out of your eyes or tuck a strand behind your ears, you have to limit what you touch when out in public, including your face and hair.

A half-up hairdo is great for keeping hair off the face while allowing you to still add some personal style and flair. Plus, it has the bonus of working with a mask. Wear it sleek or loose, with a top knot or a messy half-bun. Sweep the bangs to the side or pin back the short layers. Have fun with it!

The Hairstyle Trend: Pigtails


This grade school trend is back, and it’s not just for kids anymore.

If you’re tired of your top knot and ponytail, switch up your look with this modern revamp of the two pony trend. Whether you wear your hair in chunky twin French braids or take inspiration from Baby Spice with her high ponytails, you’ve got to admit that this hair trend has a playful and fun vibe.

Get your pigtails grind on like Hailey Beiber with a half-up hairdo and a center part or make it extra like Ariana Grande with extra long ponytail extensions.

The Accessory Trend: Chunky Headbands


Ever since “Gossip Girl” queen bee Blair Waldorf showed us how to rock her signature accessory for every occasion back in the late 2000s, the headband trend has gone through several iterations.

During the spring 2019 runway show, Prada took the look from preppy school girl chic to runway glam as their models strutted down the catwalk in oversized, puffy headbands. Kate Middleton appears to be a fun of the trend and has been spotted several times in different luxe versions of the headpiece.

Whether you like it stretchy, padded, embellished with pearls, or covered in satin, stay in vogue by slipping your headband over your messy hairdo.

The Hairstyle Trend: Undone Perfection


This effortlessly mussed look is on-trend once more as the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle.

The undone, lived-in look is all about messy hair that’s intentionally styled to look that way. What you use on your hair makes all the difference between looking homeless chic and casual gorgeous.

Use products that add volume and shine while giving a soft hold. If you have straight hair, use a flat iron to create loose waves and hairspray to lock them in. For naturally wavy and curly tresses, sea salt sprays and anti-frizz products are your friends.

The Accessory Trend: Scrunchies

This retro, fun accessory is back with a fresh twist.

Forget about the lurex-covered, ruffled hair ties that were invented in the 1960s and became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Scrunchies now come in luxe fabrics like silk ribbon, leather, and velvet, trendy florals, and even animal prints. High-end fashion brands like Gucci and Versace sell plush versions of this hair accessory.

Scrunchies are better for your hair than regular hair ties because they are gentler and don’t leave dents. Add one as the crowning glory on your bun, add them to the end of your loose braid, or do it like Jason Momoa and wear it like a bracelet.

The Hairstyle Trend: Baby Braids

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The face-framing tendrils from the 1990s have been reborn as baby braids.

Baby braids are the updated, laidback version of the late ‘90s/early ‘00s trend that featured crispy strands sharply pointing downwards. While tendrils were almost always paired with an updo, baby braids can be worn in different ways.

Take a small section of hair and braid it down, stopping a couple of inches before reaching the ends. You can have a braid on each side or double them up if you like. Add colored thread or a ribbon for added flair. Leave the rest of your hair down in loose, beachy waves or pulled back.

The Accessory Trend: Statement Barrettes

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Barrettes have come a long way, from plain metal ones to fancy clips with all sorts of adornments.

As they become fashionable once more, barrettes are now more eye-catching and geometric. There are half-circles and pearls, to crystal tips and shells. And let’s not forget those with punchy catchphrases like “GLAM” and “DRIPPIN.”

Use a barrette (or two) to secure your updo. Pull your hair back to one side and add some cute clip-ins. Top off your ponytail with a sparkly clip.

The Accessory Trend: Claw Clips



The top knot may have found its replacement in the form of a low, messy bun held together by claw clips.

Back in the ‘90s, claw clips were hugely popular because you could secure your hair in a matter of seconds and readjust with ease. It’s a super easy and quick fix to styling your hair and the perfect complement to the perfectly imperfect messy look.

Claw clips work with all types of hair. If you have fine hair, tie it into a high ponytail, twist the ponytail into a bun, and then secure it with the clips.

BIO: Emily Weber works with the popular Swiss hair extension brand, Rubin Extensions. She’s previously worked as a freelance writer in all things beauty, hair and fashion. In her downtime, she loves to travel.

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