8 Hair Care And Styling Tips For Women Over 50

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As one becomes older, the hair becomes thin and less lively. For a woman, it becomes very important that proper care is given to the hair. Otherwise, the lifelessness of the hair can make her look much older than she really is. And if you are a woman over 50 years of age, the below tips should help you take good care of your hair and style it in a way that suits you.

Shampoo And Condition Correctly

People generally shampoo and condition their hair in wrong ways. And as you age, it is very important that you do the process correctly in order to get the full benefit from it. So, when deciding to shampoo, make sure that you wet the hair properly before applying it. You should also scrub your hair properly for a few minutes before washing off the shampoo. Just applying and light scrubbing won’t do. And once you wash off the shampoo entirely, you can use the conditioner. When applying the conditioner, make sure that you only condition the bottom parts of the hair. Never ever apply conditioner to the scalp. That is a wrong thing to do.

Dyeing Hair

When dyeing your hair, make sure that you don’t use a very dark color. This can make the hair look too artificial, and some people may even laugh at your whole look. The best thing to do with grey hair is to use a semi-transparent color, which ideally must only be two shades darker than the natural color of your hair. This will do a good job of hiding the grey hairs without looking too artificial. Plus, consider how much time you are willing to devote to maintain the color. Some dyeing methods might need proper care every few weeks, while some will only require you to recolor the hair once every few months.

Moisturize It

As the hair gets thinner and the scalp gets drier with age, it becomes even more important for older women to moisturize their hair regularly.  Else, the hair will become too dry and break away easily. Using a moisturizer keeps the moisture in the hair intact, reducing the chances of hair fall and thinning.

Hair Texture

It is also recommended that you don’t tinker with your hair texture too much once you are past the fifties. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, then try to get a haircut that can make it more attractive. Instead, if you try to straighten it, then you might risk weakening your hair in the process. Plus, the straight hair might also come across as too thin for your facial structure. So, whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, try to be happy with the hair texture you have.


Try out new hairstyles as you age. Don’t continue to keep the hairstyle of your 30s even when you are in 50s since it can make you look older. Instead, try using a style that suits how you look now. For example, if you have sported long hair for some time now, then it might be a good idea to cut it down and have a short hair. In case you have fine hair, a bob hairstyle can give off the impression of extra volume, making you look younger. And if you wish to keep your hair long, consider adding some highlights and color to make it stand out. Check out with your personal hairdresser as to how your hair should be styled to make you look younger. And if you need help with coming up with a perfect hairstyle for yourself, consider checking out these haircuts for women over 50, which details many hairstyles suitable for women aged 50 years and above.

Beware Of Heat

It is also necessary that you protect your hair from heat. Remember that your hair is already weak due to age. And if you try to apply too much heat on it, then there is a good chance that the hair might weaken, become brittle, and later break off. If it is cold outside, resist the temptation of taking hot showers. Instead, only use lukewarm water for showers.  If you use a hairdryer, make sure that it is at a distance of at least 20 cm from the head. You can also use heat protective spray on your hair when using the dryer. This will give the hair an added layer of protection. Plus, it is also recommended that you use a diffuser on the hair dryer. This will avoid the dryer from focusing too much heat in a single area.

Add Volume

An easy way to make yourself look younger is to have thicker hair. But unfortunately, your hair will be thinning out when you hit your 50s. But you can use any thickening products to add extra volume to the hair. A good product to use will be the hair fibers. Apply these hair fibers to your hair, and they will stick onto to it, making the hair look thicker and volumetric. And as far as possible, use cotton hair fibers since they are likely to look better. Remember to use your fingers when applying hair fibers so that it gets into each and every single shaft of hair. Plus, if your hair has many shades, try using hair fibers that have the closest shade to your root color.

Watch Out For Chemicals 

Use hair products that have the least amount of chemicals. Such chemicals generally have a negative effect on hair, making it weak over time. And considering that your hair is already weak due to age, using harsh chemicals will only complicate the matter and make the hair very brittle and easily susceptible to breakage. Always check first if the product you are using is natural. Some people even benefit to not using shampoo at all for a couple of days. Check out reviews on natural haircare products on hairandmakeupgirl.com. When using shampoo and other products, you should also take care to eliminate any product buildup on the hair. This can be done by cleaning your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Use it once a week, and you should be able to remove such buildup. Instead of chemical-heavy products, try to use more natural, organic hair care products. Sure, such products may be pricier than the chemical ones, but they will do a far better job of ensuring that your hair does not get damaged.

So, be sure to keep these tips in mind if you are a woman aged 50 years or older, and you will be able to maintain a healthy, attractive hair much more easily.

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