8 Films that Convey a Message of Peace


Peace is a celebration of life. It is a state of non-suffering. Since we are all connected in one way or another, our hatred, hunger, and fear decrease the peace in the world. On the other hand, our joy, gratitude, and love increase peace. Peace isn’t just the absence of war – it is the absence of environmental disasters, racism, poverty, democracy, and human rights. 

According to Prem Rawat, a peace ambassador, peace needs to be in everyone’s life. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within themselves, the world too will be at peace. In this article, we will look at some films that convey a message of peace to drive the point home. 

Faces of the enemy

This is a haunting psychological thriller that conveys a moving emotional message on the effects of global terrorism. The movie follows Sam Keen, a psychologist who brings to light how nations and individuals dehumanize their foes to justify the inhumanity of war. 

A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far is an anti-war statement that shows the Allies operation in Holland. It is an incredible battle film that ends with an emotional ending portraying the plight of the victims of war.


Gandhi details the significant happenings in the life of Mohandas Gandhi, a reputed Indian leader who protested against the British rule in the country. Committed to the idea of nonviolent resistance, Mohandas is initially dismissed by the British, but later on, his campaign attracts international attention, leading to India’s independence.

Never Again? Genocide since the Holocaust

Never again was the cry of conscience following World War II. The award-winning movie investigates the chronicle of genocide with a focus on Mao’s purges in China, Cambodia under the Israeli/Arab conflict, killing in Central America, and border wars in Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Mandela: The Living Legend

Nelson Mandela embodies the complications within which the South African political, social, and psychological setting happened through a man who committed his whole life to the struggle and liberation of his country.

In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Does Not Speak Dies

This is a powerful documentary that looks into the Rwandan genocide killers and their return back home. It also covers when the government set free the convicts who pled guilty but were remorseful as per the country’s custom. It’s the victim’s mixed feeling towards these perpetrators that makes the documentary even more captivating and complex. 


Glory is an epic movie about a Negro group in the US Civil War that touches on a range of themes, including the nature of military, racism, war, and so on. It describes the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry story, comprising black soldiers – some slaves, others Northern freemen led by whites. 

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking isn’t a typical war movie – but certainly revolves around love, life, death, and human violence. In the film, a death row inmate calls upon someone to appeal as he nears his execution.


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