7 Ways to Save on Clothes

Clothes make the man or woman and being able to afford some new garments for your back is one of life’s little luxuries. So, here are seven ways to cut down on the cost of outfits.


  1. Only Shop With Cash


This tip is difficult for anyone who has a love affair with store credit. While using a credit card may be convenient, it is not the best way to save money when shopping. If you only shop with cash, you can’t buy things you can’t afford. If you don’t have the money for those $500 must-have boots, you won’t be able to buy them. You’ll have to save up your money, and get them later. Suze Orman would be proud.


  1. Go to the Discount Chains


Even though the big discount retailers have stores that are difficult to navigate and have a fair number of cheap distractions, there are many bargains to be found in these shops. Stores like T.K. Maxx have great deals on designer’s handbags and shoes. Retailers like Target have a number of designer partners who offer the latest in fashion. And, if you can’t find an item in your local store you always shop the discount chains online shops.


Note: Don’t load up your cart with bargains just because they’re inexpensive. It can be very easy to spend hundreds of dollar on non-essential wardrobe items.


  1. Shop Out of Season


The best deals are available when no one is looking for them. Seasoned shoppers know that the best time to buy spring and summer items is in the fall, and winter wear deals are usually found in the spring. Pay attention to fashion week previews to look for trends so that you can choose items that will be in style for more than one season.


  1. Look For Online Deals


Most retailers have email newsletters. Sign up for the stores that you like to shop at and you’ll receive emails for the latest sales. You may also receive discount codes and coupons. Plusvouchercode.co.uk is a site where you can find all sorts of great discounts for shops on the high street and cut costs.



  1. Don’t Be Lured In By A Sale


It can be difficult to resist a good sale. Sephora emails can cause you to spend hundreds on must-have items, which you don’t really need. The sales alerts and coupon emails may offer the chance to save money, but only if you were already willing to pay full price for the item.


  1. Shop Trends Carefully


The clothes you buy will be determined by your location, your budget and the season. Don’t allow trends to dictate your buying decision, especially if your want to stay on budget. Stick with quality wardrobe pieces. The bulk of your purchases should be items that will still be in style next year. Then, you can spend the remaining money on trendy fashion.


  1. Think in Color Palettes


Build your wardrobe around one or two color families in order to simplify shopping. Remember your current wardrobe when shopping for new clothes and don’t purchase any clothes or accessories that won’t work with at least two or three of the items you currently own.

If the quality pieces of clothes in your wardrobe are a neutral color, like black, brown or gray, then you can use color in your accessories, shoes, scarves, and handbags.

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