7 Ways To Help You Stay Younger


Those fighting the continuous battle against ageing have never had to many weapons in their arsenal. From head to foot there is some kind of pill, potion or treatment to help you stay feeling, and looking, younger for longer. You could spend hours trawling the web looking for ideas and tips to help you in your own war but we’ve done the donkey work for you. Here are our 7 tips on ways to help you stay younger.

Skin Conditions

There are many types of skin conditions that can make your skin lose its glow and thus age you by several years.  Creams and potions for all manner of skin conditions go to form a multimillion pound industry but what if it’s not improving. Dermatologists have never been so popular as more and more people realise just how many ways they can help. If I was looking for dermatologists near me I wouldn’t be disappointed as it is a hugely popular industry for those who want an expert to sort out their skin once and for all.


Any kind of exercise is good for you and will keep you feeling and looking younger. Walking the dog, taking the stairs instead of the lift, not driving short distances, these can all give you a good cardio workout and leave you with a real spring in your step.

Fresh Air

Getting out and about and breathing in fresh air is vital for if you want to keep youth on your inside. Staying cooped up indoors in all that stale air will make you feel tired and sluggish and have a detrimental effect on your skin. Aim to get out every day, even if it’s just pottering around the garden it will make you feel better.

Get a Pet

Stress can have a huge effect on both your general well-being and your appearance. Research has proven that sitting stroking a pet greatly reduces stress levels. A dog obviously ties in with the walking above but be it a cat, dog, rabbit or whatever creature you prefer those stress levels will come right down.


This should be a no brainer but have you looked at what is in those so called health foods these days? While the great packaging tells you the good bits they don’t mention the mountain of sugar and salt that are often added. These combine to have a detrimental effects on both how you feel and how you look. Best check that packaging or even better make it yourself from scratch.


Without good quality sleep our body starts to suffer in all manner of ways. If your usual sleeping pattern is power naps or partying all night then sleeping through the day then you are soon going to start looking haggard. Create a bedroom that is also a haven and make sure you wind down before you go to bed and try to sleep.


PMA, or positive mental attitude, can have a huge bearing on how you look and feel. If you are a worry wart look into ways to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. By viewing life in the positive rather than the negative will reduce stress and stop you lying awake at night unable to sleep for everything going around in your head.

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