7 Ways to Get Back into Shape Without Trying Too Hard

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Losing weight and obtaining a desirable physique can seem like an absurdly difficult challenge, especially when you start thinking about all the hard diet and exercise work involved. With so many steps and rules to follow, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the task ahead and discouraged by slow progress. However, getting back into shape doesn’t always have to be such a rigorous and grueling process. In fact, there are many ways to make fitness seem more like a hobby than a duty, including but not limited to the following activities.

1. Electric Cycling

Sure, riding a regular bike isn’t too difficult at first, but as soon as fatigue starts to kick in it becomes a very unpleasant experience. Then there’s the soreness that comes after a long day of conventional cycling, which can wreak havoc on your joints and ligaments. On a regular bicycle, you need to not only propel yourself forward with no assistance, you also need to continually balance the bike using your hips and upper body. An electric tricycle for adults makes cycling much easier and more enjoyable for someone who is struggling to get back into shape and needs a bit of help along the way.

2. Swimming

Moving around in water doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints as exercising on land, yet it’s an excellent aerobic exercise. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a day at the pool or beach, then this is the perfect activity to work into a weekend fitness regimen. While swimming has the potential to tone and shape your body just as well as any other form of exercise, it’s considerably less demanding than comparable counterparts like jogging/running. In addition, spending some time in the sun is a good way to get a nice tan that will complement your newly toned body.

3. Explore Nature Trails

Walking doesn’t seem like such a hardship when you’re exploring interesting places on your own accord. Checking out local nature paths is usually easier to look forward to than walking around a city park or along a roadside. Plus, when you’re out in nature you’re not only encountering plenty of inspirational scenery, you’re also in close proximity to trees and plants that emit fresh oxygen while also staying far away from vehicle exhaust and other sources of urban pollution. Furthermore, studies have shown that exercising and meditating in nature are two great ways to improve mood, stabilize healthy eating habits, and fend off depression.

4. Pursue an Active Job

When you have a job that keeps you moving, you can find yourself getting into shape gradually without even realizing it. Even if you choose to keep your current job, finding a part-time position that has you on your feet is a good way to combat a sedentary lifestyle without actually feeling like you’re exercising. A few examples of easily obtainable active jobs including restaurant server, bartender, grocery store employee, sign holder, mascot, janitor/housekeeper, and postal worker/package carrier. Alternatively, you might want to volunteer for some constructive community clean-up/aid efforts if you can’t quickly find an active job. If all else fails, you can take the initiative to do some yard work or a DIY home improvement project to make use of your spare time.

5. Dancing

Fast-paced dancing isn’t exactly simple, but at the same time, it’s easy to get lost in the rhythm and break a sweat before you even realize what’s going on. It’s also much more fun than basic exercises like sit-ups and squats, which is why many video exercise routines incorporate dancing and/or music in some way. Of course, you don’t have to start out by doing advanced salsa or break dancing, as even a slow and steady waltz can be great cardio when sustained for a decent amount of time. As you build stamina and become more proficient, you’ll be able to graduate to more advanced forms of dancing.

6. Take Up a Sport

Exercise doesn’t seem so bad when you’re playing a game of some sort, so you might want to get back into your favorite sport or even take up a new one. Sports that are great for getting in shape include tennis, racquetball, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, and water polo. Playing sports is also a great way to meet new people and give a boost to your social life. The cool thing about playing sports with other amateurs is that there are plenty of people who aren’t in great shape playing at local courts/gyms, so it’s usually easy to find peers who are willing to accommodate your skill level.

7. Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Finally, one extra way you can tone your muscles and burn fat without actually doing anything at all is by using an electronic muscle stimulation device to send electrical impulses into your muscles, which stimulates them to contract repeatedly. Many people are skeptical about these devices, but science has proven that they are relatively effective. However, it’s important to thoroughly read the instructions and heed all warnings to avoid burns, shock, or any other potential hazards. It’s also not wise to overuse electronic muscle stimulation or to use it as a complete substitute for actual exercise.

Putting It All Together with a Healthy Diet

All of the above activities will have a much more notable impact on your fitness if you’re doing them in conjunction with a newly improved diet. Blending and juicing fruits, vegetables, and herbs is a good way to give your body the nutrition it needs to recover and perform optimally regardless of the kind of exercise you’ll be doing. The good news is that switching to a healthy diet can also be incredibly delicious if you’re making custom smoothies and salads on a regular basis. In fact, you’ll probably find that you won’t want to go back to your old way of eating once you’ve become accustomed to eating better foods and higher energy levels that come with it.

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