7 Ways On How to Extend The Life Of Your Human Hair Extensions

human hair extensions

Human hair extensions can cost a fortune for some, but we can all agree that it’s all worth it. The last thing that human hair extension lovers would like to happen is to wear and tear their precious locks in just a short span of time. When you’re used to wearing hair extensions regularly, you must have mastered the tricks on how to make each set last longer than those you had before. Over the years, we have known a handful of proven ways also! So here we want to share our best advice on how to prolong the life of your human hair extensions:

1. Limit Washing Your Human Hair Extensions

Only wash when necessary – frequently washing and soaking hair extension is the usual reason why it falls apart quickly, and cleaning it too infrequently can do the same. So what would be your best choice, we highly advise you to wash your extensions every 10-15 uses, or only when there’s notable smell or product build up. It still varies on how often are you using your hair extensions. If you are using them on a daily basis, make sure not to wash them daily and never forget to use organic or sulfate-free products to avoid shedding off the hairs.

Also, remember that is you are using human hair extensions with cuticles still intact, use lukewarm water to make sure the cuticle is open and absorbs the product. After, you can rinse with cold water so the cuticle closes and locks the product for moisture.

2. Be careful when you are using heating tools

While a well-known benefit of using even cheap human hair extensions is it can withstand heating from your favorite blower or iron, always keep in mind that just like your natural hair in the head, too much heat and processing is a cause of damage. So if you don’t want your human hair extensions to look dry, dull and have breakage, make sure not to use heating tools near the base of the extensions and limit the use of styling tools when necessary.

You can also use heat protecting products on your human hair extensions if you can’t help changing styles more frequently.

3. Too much product is a big No- No!

Human hair extensions can also benefit from products similarly with your natural hair, but using too much could cause damage big-time. Unlike natural hair that grows off, it will be difficult for human hair extensions to recover from the damage and since it doesn’t grow naturally, it means you don’t need a basket full of conditioner and treatment to take care of it. Think of it like this, and less is better no matter how fancy, or expensive the products you are using is, being organic and simple can lead you to better things.

4. Store them delicately

Even if you have the best clip in hair extensions, there are inevitable times that you just forget where you put them after wearing them. However, the storage of your human hair extensions has a vital impact on its lifespan. Human hair extensions need a proper place where they can hang freely. So the next time that you are not wearing your clip ins, make sure to delicately hang them on a hanger or invest in hair extension holder, this allows them to breathe and save you from the tangles in between wears.

5. Get the right brushing technique.

With a lot of conflicting information on how to properly brush human hair extensions and how often should it be, here’s a helpful breakdown:

Right: Make sure to brush your extensions before washing or if you have a permanent extension, before sleeping in them. A loop brush is highly recommended to gently remove all the tangles without hurting the extensions from pull or tug. Start brushing from the base and make careful and gentle downward strokes up until the bottom.

Wrong: Brushing human hair extensions when they are wet since the extension is more vulnerable to tangling and breakage when they are damp. It’s highly recommended to let the extensions sit for a while through air dry or use a blow dryer in a moderate temperature only.

6. Proper care when sleeping

It’s just rare that someone wakes up with a perfect untangled hair, even our natural hair is usually tangled and matted during our beauty sleep. So we’ll look at things that we can do to prevent our permanent hair extensions from becoming a disastrous sight the next morning.

Sleep in a soft ponytail– this minimizes the movements of the hair during the night and prevents tangling especially if you have long hair extensions.

Prefer a silk satin sheet- The softness and sloppiness of the satin helps the hair to be smooth and manageable, this lessens the friction that causes hair damage.

Make sure to sleep with dry hair– Some hair myths sleeping with wet hair can cause hair whitening, so you should never sleep with wet hair. Now, this is partially true since we don’t advise you to sleep when your hair is wet especially if you have tape in extensions, this can cause the tapes to run off faster.

7. Apply the golden rule.

The best care for your human hair extensions is to treat them like your own hair, so the things that you regret doing with your natural hair, then you shouldn’t probably do it to your extensions. Plus a little bit of extra care to make your extensions to last longer than ever before, this will save you a right amount of cash and perks of keeping and using your favorite extensions. As they say, it’s difficult to find another set of human hair extension that you already love.


Your hair extensions is an extension of your current lifestyle and should not be a drawback. Selecting the right type of extension will surely pronlong the wear time since can hold up to your lifestyle the best. Follow the tips above and consult your stylist to help you choose the best clip in hair extensions or hair wefts. Not because you got a good deal of cheap human hair extensions, then you’ll also treat them cheaply.


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