7 Tips to Make Your Curls Last Longer.

curly hair

These tips can be a haven for all curly-haired girls out there!

Girls often envy curly-haired beauties but what they aren’t aware of is that keeping curly hair curly is a huge task. There are sometimes bad frizzy days and sometimes curl-goals! Sigh, the struggle is real. But don’t fret, we’re bringing you seven tips and tricks to use to ensure that your curly hair stays so and doesn’t make its way to frizz town anytime soon!

  1. Deep Conditioning To The Rescue..

Some of you may get all lazy when you read this, but trust us, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Deep conditioning doesn’t take much time and is one of the easiest ways to deep-treat your hair. For overnight deep conditioning, shampoo and condition your hair as normal and detangle it. Then apply your desired deep conditioner into your hair well. (remember, this should happen approximately two hours before you plan to sleep) After applying, go to sleep and when you wake up the next morning, make sure to rinse the deep conditioner well and style it as desired. This will give your hair ‘curly-hair goals’ without much of a hassle.

2. No More Towels!

Your standard cotton towel may be doing more harm than good for you hair. A good replacement for this is a microfiber towel. However, if you aren’t willing to invest in one, a t-shirt works just as fine. After washing your hair, tie the t-shirt up just as you would with a towel and it will soak up the excess water without harming your hair in the process. Throw away your towel as you won’t need it for your hair anymore.

3. Say No To Alcohol.

Many of you may be fond of using gels and mousses for better hold in your hair. However, most of these products that help in giving your hair a better hold contain excessive amounts of alcohol. What this does is dries out your hair while also disrupting the pH levels of your hair leaving it stiff and bleh. For this, try searching for alcohol-free gels to give your hair that touch but without the damage.

4. Cold-Cold Water For You..

Using cold water goes a long way. If you feel like you have to use warm water, before you end your shower, lastly rinse your hair with cold water. This helps in locking the moisture present in your hair so it doesn’t get frizzy whatsoever.

5. Know You Type.

The term ‘curly hair’ isn’t one stereotypical type. Thus, one must know the type of curly hair they possess. If you do, develop a hair routine for your particular curly type as the different ones need different care. Find it, and stick to a routine that fits for your hair.

6. Start From The Bottom.

This rule applies for two aspects of taking care of your curly hair, combing and conditioning. Whilst conditioning, start from the roots and make you way upwards. The same goes for combing or detangling. Start from the bottom and then detangle up.

7. Stick To One Brand

Most of the time, maintaining curly hair can be more expensive as compared to other hair types as it requires countless amount of products. However, it isn’t about the money but the loyalty showcased. Once you find the product that works efficiently for you, stick to that one brand if possible. This is because most products of the same brand are almost made to be perfect together. Sticking to these tips will make anyone go, “That’s Foxy”.

So ladies, follow these to have the best curls you’ll have in a long time. Most importantly, don’t overdo it when it comes to products, your hair is delicate and therefore requires delicate care. Good luck!

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