7 Tips to Give a Vintage Vibe to Your House

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Photo by jill111, CC0 1.0

Adding a vintage style to your home is something that many homeowners love doing. Sometimes that modern and simplistic look is just boring and needs some revamping with some vintage pieces. Adding in the old with the new is a great way to give your house a little facelift and breathing some fresh life into your home.

But you may be a bit confused about how you can make that happen in your home without going too overboard and having your home look like your grandma’s. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through some of the top tips we have to give your home a bit of a vintage vibe.

  1. Add Some Modern Chairs with A Traditional Desk

If you have a traditional-looking desk or dining table, this is a fantastic vintage piece to add to your working space or dining room. You can easily find these pieces at yard sales or in a relative’s house. However, you might not want to go all-out vintage with this piece. That’s why it’s a good idea to throw some modern and simple chairs around that old wooden table. This will provide some contrast from the old wood and ensure that you don’t go overboard with the brown color.

  1. Try Adding a Vintage Hair Dresser

If you find a vintage hair dresser laying around in a relative’s house or in a garage sale, then you had better pick it up to add to your bedroom or other space! And you don’t even have to have a use for it. You can simple use it as a piece where you place plants, picture frames, or other decorations. This a great piece to add to any room. Plus, you can get creative with it! You can give it a fresh coat of paint if it’s looking a little rough or use some wallpaper to throw some patterns on it.

  1. How About a Vintage Home Bar?

If you really want to impress your friends when they come over, how about adding a vintage bar to your house? This one is going to take a little bit of extra work, but this could provide some great contrast to the style of your entertaining area. You could even add a Vinyl Vintage audio system to make the vintage feel even more intense.

  1. Vintage Paintings Are Great Additions

If you’ve got some photos laying around that you’ve been wanting to put into picture frames, hold on right there! This the perfect opportunity to add some vintage into your home. If you can find some old wooden photo frames, you can refurbish them a bit and put your photos into there. Just add them onto the walls of your living room or bedroom and you’ve automatically added some vintage into your home!

  1. Use an Antique Piece as A Focal Point

If you’ve been shopping around at local antique stores or at garage sales, then you know that there are plenty of antique pieces out there for you to choose from. You should focus on using these antiques as the focal points of any room where you place them. And make sure that the rest of the furniture and decorations in the room are just secondary to that focal antique piece.

  1. Try Out an Oriental Rug in Your Living Room

If you can find one at a local market, add a colorful oriental rug to your living room. Sure, you can go with a more modern-looking rug, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have an old oriental rug that gives your home some character? You can add this rug to your living room or anywhere else in your house where you have some open floor space that could be covered up.

  1. Look to Use Vintage Cabinets

If you’re looking to update the cabinets in your kitchen, then this is a fantastic place where you can add some vintage. If you have a more modern kitchen, then add some vintage wooden cabinets to give the space a flare of the old world.

All of these tips are going to ensure that your home goes back in time a little bit with some vintage looks. Which ones are you going to try out?

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