7 Things to consider when choosing a wedding venue

Picking the perfect venue for your big day can be a challenge. Not only are there so many venues to pick amongst, but there are many things to consider. Not to mention, your partner will likely want to have a say in the venue as much as you do.

Below are seven things to consider as you choose a venue for your wedding.

1. Budget

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding is its cost. Do you really want to spend significantly more money on a more luxurious venue if you’re on a tight budget? Could that money be better spent on something else, like a more experienced photographer or your honeymoon?

2. Location

Not only should you fall in love with the venue itself, but its general location should be convenient. Picking a location in the middle of nowhere or somewhere far away from the majority of your guests can be a big inconvenience.

In the latter case, you can expect more absent guests. Not to mention, you may have to fork out more money for transportation and/or hotel costs for your guests.

3. Size

The size of your prospective wedding venue certainly matters. The larger the venue, the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, a smaller venue will have a limited capacity. Thus, it wouldn’t be able to accommodate a large guest list.

4. Aesthetics

Don’t just choose a venue because it looks nice. When visiting a venue, try to picture it with your ideal wedding decor. Does the venue’s aesthetics go with the vibe you’re hoping for and match your style? If not, look for something else.

5. Restrictions

Every venue will have its own set of rules or restrictions. For example, some might require guests to wear face masks due to the pandemic. Others might have strict rules for table or tent placement that the venue must approve of beforehand. And some might be stern when it comes to loud music. These restrictions may be too limiting for you and your dream wedding.

6. Availability

You might find the seemingly perfect venue. However, if it isn’t available the day and time you wish to have your wedding, it might not make sense for you to come up with a new date just to be able to book the venue.

7. Online Reviews

Others’ opinions matter. While some online reviewers might have an exaggerated perspective, these reviews can give you a better, more realistic insight regarding a potential wedding venue. The more bad reviews a venue has, the more of a red flag it is. Mostly positive reviews, however, can give you more confidence in choosing the right venue.

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Selecting a wedding venue is no easy task. It might seem easy, but in reality, there’s more than what meets the eye. From the aesthetics of the venue to any restrictions that might be present are examples of important considerations prior to committing to a venue for your ceremony or reception.

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