7 Surfing Perks You Must See in Southern California

Calling all surfers! If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, and you have not tried surfing in Southern California yet, then you are missing out. With miles and miles of sandy beaches, irresistible weather and some of the best surfing waves out there, the west coast of the United States should definitely be on your bucket list.

With that said, however, sometimes planning vacations can be challenging. Even if you have the time and money, it can be difficult to know where to go or what to do. If this sounds familiar, then finding your next trip through Yeeew is one of the smartest moves you can make. To help set the mood for your future trip planning, check out these seven surfing perks you must see in Southern California.

1. Excellent Surf Spots

Of course, the greatest perk of surfing in Southern California is the water itself. When it comes to this part of Cali, there are several excellent surf spots to choose from. For example, Blacks Beach in San Diego, Malibu in Los Angeles and Rincon in Santa Barbara are just some popular choices.

2. Great Access

Another factor that makes Southern California appealing for surfers is the ease of access that exists for travellers who are trying to hit the water. All you need is a car or van to drive down the coast and pick a spot. Even if you skip the popular spots, just walking 15 minutes into a more remote area can lead you to some solid surfing experiences.

3. Nearby Attractions

Surfing is a blast, but eventually, you or your travelling companions may want to do something else during your vacation. In this case, Southern California is great because there are countless other fun activities and attractions to see. From national parks, amusement parks and dazzling cities, there is zero time for boredom here.

4. Long Surfing Season

One thing that attracts millions of people to the shores of Southern California every year is the climate. Because of the consistent sunshine and warm year-round weather that the southern part of the state brings, you can expect ideal surfing conditions most of the year. However, summer and fall tend to be both the most popular and comfortable times of year to enjoy the water.

5. Break Variety

In the world of surfing, “break” means more than the time you eat a snack or take a walk before your lunch hour. Indeed, another reason many surfers fall in love with Southern California is because of the wide variety of wave breaks that are there. From big waves, sand bars, epic rights and point breaks, the list is neverending. Grab a surfboard and find out for yourself!

6. Consistent Surf

Although the tides inevitably change and there are always exceptions, the surf in Southern California is fairly consistent. It is a little smaller in summer, however, you will generally find an abundance of outstanding waves to test out your surfing skills on. This is great news for people who like to stay active on their surfboards.

7. Fantastic Music

You may not have this at the top of your surfing priorities, but another definite bonus of hitting the waves in Southern California is the amount of music surrounding the area. From the Beach Boys to Sublime and hip hop, the music and surf cultures go hand-in-hand along this coast. Grab a boombox and get ready to dance in between your surf sessions.

If you are looking for the next exciting place to take your surfboard, do not miss out on Southern California. This list is just a sample of what this fun location has to offer.

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