7 Steps Towards Rocking Your Festival Makeup


1) Put A Hat On

Summer sun is very strong, particularly if you spend all day in an open environment without cover. It is essential to have a hat with you that not only covers your head, but also your face, as it needs protection from the sun’s rays too. Some don’t wear hats because they fear getting hot, but the cover prevents sunlight from hitting you directly on the head and actually has a cooling effect this way. If you carry a purse, try to find a hat that is foldable for easy storage. In truth though, any hat that gives you shielding and shade, which could be anything from a floppy hat to a fedora, works just fine. If possible though, try and get something that suits your overall outfit.


2) Go Easy On The Makeup

If you want to spend a day at an outdoor music festival and look rock’n’roll yourself all day, then you need to with an approach that is pretty yet simple. Heavy makeup doesn’t work here, especially since any makeup is going to melt eventually.

Starting with an application of a clay mask is a good idea to draw residual oil out of your skin so your makeup stays applied longer into the day. Follow up that with light moisturizer, then some primer, and then a light foundation layer. Just using tinted moisturizer by itself also works. Line your eyes, and then give your lips a touch of some gloss. Don’t fret eyeliner that smudges by day’s end; it only suits a rock star appearance at an appropriate event. Here are some good tips.


3) Have Blotting Papers On Hand

Blotting papers work to control shine, possibly better than powder. They can absorb excess oil but still leave you a pretty sheen after blotting, and they come in very handy in hot weather.


4) Pick Something to Peacock

You want something a little different from other people at the festival – after all it’s a fun place and it allows you the chance to explore your fun side. One cool trend are light up trainers like these at https://www.getlitshoes.com – they look different, are practical and are as perfect for long walks to the campsite as they are for raving away at night in a tent.


4) Bring Products That Multitask

If you are facing days that turn into long nights, then your glamour needs to be low-key and require little upkeep. If you want to have the maximum benefit with minimal stuff to lug around, look for products that multitask. Consider things like a palette that has multiple shades that you can apply to lips, cheeks, and eyes, all in a compact that fits in your pocket.


5) Use A Misting Spray To Cool Off

Take complexion spray to refresh mid-concert. It can help your makeup set long as well as cool your skin off.


6) Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Before even getting to the festival, cover yourself from head to foot with a heavy dose of serious sunscreen, minimum SPF 50. Keep it on you, and reapply every two hours so that you don’t get burned over the course of the day.


7) Dry Shampoo Is Best

Your hair is not going to stay looking great between the thick crowds and burning temperatures. Dry shampoo is great if you are hoping to have a rock star look while camping. Here’s a list of the best ones.

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