7 Points to Check While Verifying Chinese Citizens

As of 2020, there have been more than $1.9 trillion in digital payments that have been processed in China. With this large sum of money in mind, it is easy to say that China has become a global leader in the world of business and finance. As a result, there has never been a better time to find a way to verify individual identity information and work with intercontinental regulatory obligations to find a solution so your business can connect with this large population of potential customers.

Fortunately, there are reputable and experienced ID checking services that are available to help businesses and organizations process important documentation from Chinese customers. To do these, these international document specialists use a variety of points to check while verifying Chinese citizens. Take a look at these seven.

1. Resident Identity Card

In China, the Resident Identity Card is the official identifying document that all Chinese citizens must have to legally identify themselves. On it, the card contains the individual’s name, an 18-digit citizen identity number and date of birth. In addition to providing a verification source, the Resident Identity Card also supports Chinese anti-money laundering regulations as well as “Know Your Customer” requirements. The design of the card looks very similar to a traditional credit card, with core information on both sides of it. 

2. One by One Verification 

With one by one verification checking, international document specialists verify individuals’ identities against one verification source such as a government-issued ID or another government-issued document. Most often, agents check a person’s Resident Identity Card during this process. To do this, they record each individual’s name, Citizen Identity Number and date of birth. 

3. Two by Two Verification

Under the two by two verification checking method, international document specialists verify a Chinese citizen’s identity against two reliable and independent sources. This typically includes government-issued ID documents and at least one other reliable and independent source. Other examples of independent and trustworthy verification sources include bank cards, Citizen Identity Number and phone numbers. 

4. Crime Verification

Depending on the situation, another point that many businesses and organizations use to verify Chinese citizens is criminal background. To do this, they work with a crime verification service to conduct a comprehensive search through court and police records using an individual’s name and personal contact information. If a person has a criminal past, this process should highlight anything that you need to know about for commercial purposes. 

5. Banking Data

Another point to check when verifying the identification of Chinese citizens is banking data. Fortunately, the use of a Union Pay Bank Card makes this process fairly straightforward. By verifying information that is on a Chinese National’s bank card, international document specialists can obtain all necessary identification data from the bank. For verification purposes, the bank would be another independent and reliable source to choose. 

6. Telephone Data

Some might ask, “What is in a name?”, but how about, “What is in a telephone number?” The answer might surprise you. The truth is that telephone numbers can contain a significant amount of personal data. When international document specialists work to verify the identities of Chinese Nationals, they can enter telephone numbers into information systems to pull up the associated National ID, and this is one of many ways that this information can assist in verification. 

7. Biometric Information 

Finally, biometric information is another way to verify the identity of a Chinese citizen. Through facial recognition technology, information systems can link the biometrics of the scan to important identity documents. With passive biometric techniques like these, validating the authenticity of an individual can be a much easier process. 

When processing payments from Chinese customers, using services to check points like these can ensure that you stay compliant with regulations. 

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