7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

weight loss

So, you’ve set your target goal weight, made a calorie counter book, looked through several websites on how to lose weight effectively based on your goals— you’re all set. All you’ve to do is cut down on food and exercise more, right?

This layman notion of obtaining a calorie deficit for weight loss by cutting down on meals (or skipping one altogether) is completely and utterly wrong! This fact has been time and again supported by all experts.

Although your portions should be lesser, make sure you get the right nutrition to help fuel your weight loss and here are 7 foods which could help you.

  1. Broccoli

You know when your mother said, ‘Broccoli is good for you’? She was right. Packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and even proteins, these leafy green, reduce risk of cancer and heart disease. They’re rich in nutrients and make you feel full. What’s more is that since they are high in calcium, they favor burning fat. Broccolis have ample amounts of anti-oxidants too.

  1. Lemon

The secret to higher metabolism is a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning! Lemons are high in citric acid, which stimulate the gut juices for faster absorption of the foods, improving digestion. Their acidic nature helps to balance blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling much more active throughout the day. They promote high metabolism and help in quick weight loss!

  1. Beans

Not only are beans super high in proteins but also extremely high in fiber. They keep the digestive tract clean and stimulate the gut bacteria for faster digestion. Beans are a great choice as they prevent overeating as even the most minimal of quantities keep you feeling full for longer (owe it to the proteins!). Although this could be hard considering how lip smacking they are, do remember you’re eating for health, not leisure!

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  1. Avocados

Although Avocados are popularly known as ‘butter fruit’, they are nothing like regular butter in terms of nutrition. They come under the group of ‘healthy fats’, which actually further stimulate weight loss! Avocados are especially good for those looking to lose weight at the waist and belly region, for they help in breaking down particular fats in that area of the body. If all this wasn’t enough to make you go get one right now, you should also know that they are high in vitamins, and constitute as a great pre-workout food too!

  1. Oats

This super soft food is excellent for diabetics and those who want to keep their sugar levels in control. Oats lower the insulin levels of the body- a big factor in weight loss! Since spikes in insulin levels initiate fat storage, by lowering insulin levels, having oats for breakfast every morning can make you effectively drop those pounds in no time!

  1. Cruciferous and Leafy Greens

Spinach, asparagus, lettuce, cabbage- basically everything that is leafy and green (and in a salad!) is really helpful for weight loss! With high quantities of calcium, they promote fast fat loss. With considerable amounts of vitamin C, these leafy vegetables keep one in good health, improve the skin complexion and is said to sharpen the mind!

  1. Bananas

Channel your inner monkey and feast on bananas. Why? Bananas are high in fiber and resistant starch- which burns fat faster. Being low-density, and a great source of iron, bananas are the ideal pre-workout snack. The more your banana intake, the more pull ups you can do at that monkey bar at the park. Bananas are assured to keep you feeling high throughout the day, running on everything that’s good in your body.

So, these were some super foods that you need to include in your diet for a speedy weight loss.

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