7 Fall Outfit Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you looking to spice up your wardrobe going into fall?

How we dress can say a lot about us, so it’s important to always look our best. But as the days get colder, and the urge to wrap up gets stronger, fashion can get away from us.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for 7 fall outfit mistakes to avoid this year.

  1. Abandoning Summer Too Soon

One big mistake is ditching summer too soon. With a few simple tweaks, your summer clothes can transition you into fall. You can keep showing off your unique style, and it’ll be more comfortable.

Perfect for the beach or a trip to the mall, maxis are cool and stylish for the heat of summer. Before you put them away for the year though, you can refashion them with long sleeves for early fall. Wear them with a chunky sweater or belted-blazer. You could even wear it with a knotted over-sized shirt.

The trick with taking your maxis into fall is to layer it and define your waist for structure. If you do it right, you’re left with a beautiful, casual fall outfit.

  1. Buying Clothes That Are Too Big

Buy clothes that are too loose and baggy for fall is a bad idea. It won’t help hide any areas that you’re self-conscious about. In fact, it actually draws attention. Style has nothing to do with what clothes size you are. It’s about acknowledging your beauty, your shape, and cherishing it.

Start trying some things in a smaller size. Look at your figure and let it sink in; you should celebrate your best assets. Take a friend for an outside perspective to help you get used to clothes that fit your shape.

If you’re always pulling them up, or you need a belt all the time, they’re too big. And saggy bottoms are not ok! Jeans should fit your curves and show off your butt. Try high rise jeans that sit higher up on the waist—they give you curve and will prevent any muffin tops.

  1. Lazy Layering

So, what actually qualifies as lazy layering? Don’t stick to an easy, simple color scheme, only use basics — you need to think outside the box. If you’re doing any of the above, that’s lazy layering.

Invest in some exciting, bold layering essentials. A great place to start is a stylish feature t-shirt like one from SACRIZE. Layer on with a smart jacket or blazer. Or even underneath a jumpsuit.

Keep it uniform but still with a personal edge that shows off your style. You’re an individual, not a mannequin after all.

  1. Wearing Too Much Black

After bold, bright showy summer colors, fall is about muted, stronger darker colors. Don’t forget the pastels or shades either. But, a trap that a lot of people fall into is relying on too much black.

Black has its place, don’t get us wrong but it doesn’t have to be all fall. Why not break things up a little with an outfit made up of blue, cream, and brown shades? Or burnt oranges, olive greens, and browns?

To avoid going colorless from head-to-toe, start simple. Include at least one piece of color to start with. And start to introduce browns and creams instead of that trusty pair of black pants you always fall back on. Once comfortable, you can experiment with adding more colors and combinations.

  1. Over-Accessorizing

Accessorize should always compliment your look and make a statement. But they shouldn’t override the whole outfit. You don’t need big hoop earrings, a statement necklace, a belt, and a fancy bag — it’s too much!

Keep the focus on clean silhouettes with only one statement accessory per outfit. Think about proportion and balance. If you’ve chosen something with a low cut neckline, throw on some statement earrings or a necklace. Never both!

Or if you’re wearing something with a high neck top, throw on an arm full of large bangles. Also pull your hair back into a high, tight ponytail to finish the look. And for neutral colors, don’t shy away from a bold belt, or bed – leopard print or bright colors will make a statement.

  1. Ignoring Cleaning Instructions

We all get excited about that new dress or pair of shoes we paid a little extra for. But when we get them home, we ignore any of the special cleaning instructions to keep them in top condition. Here are some tips to keep it in the best condition:

Use Felt Hangers

Wire hangers aren’t supportive of heavy fabrics. They can leave points and creases on the shoulders that are hard to rectify.

Don’t Machine Dry Delicates or Bras

The heat can ruin elastic and morph the fabric. Always lay bras flat to dry or drape over a hanger between the cups. If you hang them from the strap it will stretch the cup and change how they fit.

Don’t Iron Delicates

The heat will stain any delicate fabric and leave marks. Instead, steam the wrinkles out with the iron, or let it hang in a steamy bathroom for a short time.

Don’t Ignore Dry Clean Only

If your garment is dry clean only, the fabric will need special care. If you wash something that says dry clean, you’ll probably get away with it. If it’s dry clean only, it’s not worth the risk.

  1. Ignoring the Weather

One of the biggest mistakes for fall fashion is not checking the weather forecast.

Remember, you might need an umbrella for those rainy fall days. Pick a color for your umbrella that will go with most of your looks. This doesn’t mean sticking to those simple neutrals though.

You might not think it, but you can make a big statement with an umbrella. The right one can actually enhance your outfit.

The wind can also cause as many issues to your look as rain can. If it’s going to be strong winds and blustery, avoid anything that’s too flowy. You don’t want to do a Marilyn Monroe as you step out the front door!

Don’t Get Caught Out With Any Fall Outfit Mistakes

So there you have it! If you make sure you avoid these fall outfit mistakes, you’ll be set up for fashion success.

Don’t get caught up replying on the simple, layering, and color staples. Keep your unique style with statement pieces (but don’t overdo it). Most of all, stay true to yourself and love your body.

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