7 Design Ideas To Customize Your Wedding Cake

A wedding is incomplete without a cake. Luckily, you can customize the cake to meet your requirements. Inspiration for a wedding cake can come from anything. It is okay to go with trending styles matching your dresses, gowns, and décor. You can make your day memorable by creating a cake with a unique design. For a wedding cake that people will talk about for a while, here are some design ideas you can tweak to meet your wedding theme and style.

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Buttercream wedding cake

To create a calm and simple vibe on your wedding, ensure to go with a buttercream frosted cake. This wedding cake is adorned with rustic layers of iced buttercream with icings of vanilla bean sprinkles. Alternatively, the cake can have textured piping to create a beautiful appearance. You can ask the designer to have the buttercream frilled for a smooth finish to give your wedding cake a polished appearance. You can opt for a textured buttercream cake with fresh flowers just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Geometric wedding cake

This wedding cake will give your wedding reception an exciting appeal. Geometric wedding cakes come in designs including:

  • Chevron
  • Strips
  • Squares

You can get some ideas from magazines, wedding invitations, home design, stores, and wedding blogs. Ensure to choose a simple color combination including white and purple for the attractive geometric design to stand out. Sticking to a simple color palette with a bold color matched with white limits chances of the colors competing and taking away attention from the design.

White-on-white wedding cake

This is the regular white wedding cake that doesn’t go out of style. You just have to be creative to give it a unique appeal. Consider adding embellishments including custom bobblehead wedding cake topper to make your cake stand out. Luckily, you can add a personal twist to the topper by choosing how you want to appear after the bobblehead is complete. Adding this topper looking exactly like the bride and groom will make your wedding cake the latest trendsetter in town.

Lace wedding cake

There is never enough lace on a wedding. Apart from the presence of lace in the wedding gown and aisles, you can have it on your wedding cake too. This wedding cake will end up having elegant and attractive designs. You can have design patterns of the wedding gown embellished on the wedding cake. Keep in mind that creating a gorgeous lace cake is more than color choice. The trick to making your lace wedding cake stand out is texture with a combination of some contrast and light hues.

Woodland wedding cake

For an earthly style outdoor wedding, a woodland wedding cake is a good idea. The minimalist and beautiful design will complement the earthly theme on your fall wedding. Apart from having a delicious taste, the aesthetic and frosting on this cake will do the talking. You can the cake topped with ivory canvas or white. To bring out the theme of the day, have the cake placed on a wooded slice surrounded with foliage or wrapped in vine to create a rustic vibe.

Ombre wedding cake

This is another artful design to choose for your wedding cake. The cake color sets the tone with options including lilac and purple to create a soft feminine appeal. You can also opt for gold colors and rusty reds to create instant glamor. Regardless of your choice of tone, your cake can come to life with cascade sugar flowers on top. Keep in mind that the number of tiers might affect your color spectrum and budget.

Cupcake wedding cake

You can add more flavor to your wedding cake by opting for cupcakes. This is a wonderful way to bring all your favorite flavors together cost-effectively. A cupcake wedding cake is ideal for a large guest list to cut down on cost. You can give your cake more flair by adding some supplementary deserts after reducing the cake by one or two tiers.

The best thing is the chance to maintain the wedding tradition with this cake. This is possible by customizing a tier to feed the guests. You can give out the cupcakes as wedding favors to all your guests to thank them for their part in making your big day a success. The best thing is that all this is possible without spending a lot on a wedding cake.

Final thought

A wedding is an important occasion in your lifetime. Therefore, you have to make everything on point for your big day to be memorable. One of the most important things to think about a wedding is the cake. Above are some ideas you can consider to create a unique wedding cake to make your wedding memorable. A great idea is to add a custom bobblehead for your wedding cake topper.

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