7 Best Video Marketing Apps Every Digital Team Should Have

At the end of 2021, only the lazy business owner does not understand that the main key to happiness is video marketing. The metrics and statistics provide compelling evidence of video performance.

If you are not already using this type of marketing, then now is the time to figure out how to implement it and make plans for 2022. The first thing to understand is what kind of videos you want to do next year. The next step is to figure out exactly how they will help sell and attract your audience.

After carrying out such analytical work, you need to understand the issue of video editing and the choice of software to make flawless clips.

Fortunately, your choices are unlimited. Today there are a huge variety of video editors for different goals. You can create promo videos, convert a video to GIF, or use a video converter.

Moreover, now you no longer even need to buy expensive equipment to get high-quality video. Video editors let you turn smartphone videos or webcam recordings into a high-quality product.

You have a huge choice among amateur and professional editors. You may get confused, but we will help you make a choice based on your needs. You can download a YouTube video to test the software.


If you are just starting with post-processing files, then this tool will be your assistant. VEED can be used to create training videos and guides.

If you need to describe a process and demonstrate the sequence of actions, then use a PC screen recorder, and then start editing with this tool.

Its advantage lies in the fact that you can work with any video format that can be converted to another if needed for placement on different platforms. Use the voiceover function to record your voice for video if there were problems when shooting. Or instead, you can add music for the video, and subtitle the information you need to make it easier to read.

All you need is access to the network, and then you can use the tips built into the editor and get started.

The only thing that can interfere with your work is downloading large files. You will have to use your patience to get started. Also, this video editor is one of the latest tools, and due to this, some bugs may appear that the developers are working on.


Video professionals will have a lot of fun with this program. Here you can create slideshows, brand videos, and more. If your goal is getting a professional product, then this video editor is for you.

The collection of templates will offer you a huge selection of how you can style your video. Use the choice of fonts to focus on the text information that you want to add to the subtitles for your video.

The collection of stock photos and music tracks is extensive. When you’re done editing, you can add a watermark with your brand logo.

Common craft

Creating stunning ads for a company’s products or services is a time-consuming process. However, many users are tired of the standard advertisements that every company has. The best tool is to create a video that will consist of hilarious animations. This video editor helps you create videos that will have an emotional impact on viewers. Moreover, you can first try to create one video to make sure the quality of the software and then check out.

Common Craft is characterized by the fast loading of videos of any size, and you can also shoot videos right in the editor. You can easily add musical accompaniment to the file, as well as insert animation.


Another tool for creating animation is this video editor, which is of first-class quality. Create cartoon characters that will help you to get brand promotion for your company. You will be able to voice the lines of each character and choose their movements.

After creating the characters, process the resulting video. There is a vast collection of templates and sounds to help you create the perfect video. After finishing work, use the preview function. If something does not suit you, then you can fix it without closing the program.


One tool that has all the essential things for video marketing is Magisto. It’s a simple, no-nonsense program that rivals the rest. If the images of your video are not static, then apply stabilization, and you will not need to reshoot the video. Moreover, there is automatic cropping, which will identify unfavorable scenes. If you need to get a great video quickly, then this is what you need.


Every marketing campaign should lead to an increase in site conversion and the number of buyers. To do this, you need to create videos that could directly provide an opportunity to buy a product. This tool will allow you to achieve what you want. Shoot a video for every product you want to advertise and add a buy button.

These videos are great for sharing on a variety of social platforms. You are guaranteed to get more visits to your website and delight your customers.


This is a simple tool to add flavor to your video. You can take advantage of basic video enhancement functions. Upload a video, and then select filters or effects, thanks to which the video will look more advantageous.

Such a tool cannot boast of advanced functions, but a beginner will be glad to have a clear interface. Make the video match the selected music, or add captions to describe the action. You can edit videos in high quality and won’t face long download processes.


The sheer amount of video enhancement tools available can be intimidating to the untrained user. Thanks to the above descriptions, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your business. Create concept videos, animated or interactive videos that wow your potential or repeat customers. Starting to engage in video marketing, you can get the desired result in a short time.

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