6 Ways to Wear Strappy Heels


Strappy heels come in a variety of styles and colors, which means there are endless outfit possibilities. You can choose among simple ankle straps, closed-toed lace ups, peep-toe strappies, and even strappy booties. Such styles can add glamor, sophistication, femininity, sexiness, or even edginess when paired with different fabrics and outfits. If you have no idea how to wear strappy heels or want to try a few new looks, here are some simple ways you can flaunt your fabulous straps.

1. Cuffed Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are a closet staple because they go with virtually everything, including strappy heels. Give your jeans a one-two cuff to show off the shoe design. Skinny and straight leg jeans work best with this look because they stay lean and keep your legs elongated. However, the look isn’t just for tall, slender frames. Petite and athletic bodies look great in narrow jeans and strappy heels. The key is finding the right cut that creates a straight line from hip to ankle.

You might also try capri-length denim so that you don’t have to worry about cuffing. Still, go for leaner styles that taper at the hem. A pair of strappy heels with tapered capri pants looks chic and sophisticated.

2. Leather Leggings

The leather leggings look isn’t as hard to pull off as it might seem. Most of the time, you see celebrities pairing leather leggings with sporty flats or ankle booties, but you can also glam them up with strappy heels. Depending on the strap design and material, you can take the edginess out of the leather and add a touch of daintiness.

Start with a pair of black, leather ankle straps and see how you like it. When you start feeling bolder, play around with lacey designs and varying heel height. Check out Glamour’s tips for more ideas on how to wear leather leggings.

3. Eveningwear

Eveningwear is always stunning with a pair of delicate strappy heels. Black heels are standard and match almost any dress, but consider nudes or more colorful designs as statement pieces when you want a flashier look. Depending on the attire, you might choose a muted, suede option, though glossy, faux leather types work well with bright, luminescent dresses. Also, consider the nature of the event when deciding on shoes. For instance, choose a comfortable pair if you know you’ll be tearing up the dance floor all night.

4. Professional Attire

Wearing super sexy strappy heels at work might be controversial depending on your industry and company’s policies. To get that strappy look without upsetting your boss and coworkers, opt for closed-toe heels with a simple design and ankle straps. Muted black, brown, and nudes are probably your best bet for everyday office wear. One etiquette expert suggests using your best judgment and consulting your company’s policies for proper attire before testing the boundaries.

5. Mid-Length and Mini Skirts

Skirts are perfect for showing off snazzy footwear. Simple ankle strap heels work with any skirt style and cut and provide an elegant finish without causing a distraction. However, if you really want to spice things up, go for heels that lace all the way up the calf. Choose a nude color that’s slightly darker than your natural skin tone. You don’t want your shoes to be invisible, but you want to work with your natural tone to elongate the leg.

6. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses make styling easy. Just find patterns you like in colors that compliment your skin tone and slip them on when you don’t feel like fussing over top-bottom combinations. Then, throw on a pair of delicate lace up heels to compliment the dress without adding more complexity or busyness to the look.

Sometimes it’s fun to give dainty floral dresses a tougher slant by wearing black leather stilettos with thicker straps. It just depends on where you’re going, the overall effect you want, and the type of shoes you have in your closet.

Complement Your Personal Style

No matter what the fashion magazines and celebrity style icons say, stick to your guns and wear shoes that make you feel amazing. Strappy heels can go with a wide range of looks, and you usually can’t go wrong with a pair of black or nude ankle straps. As a rule of thumb, however, wear strappy heels for dressier outfits, to elongate the leg, and to add sophistication to otherwise casual looks.

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