6 Ways to Surprise Your Wedding Guests

A wedding is one of the most joyous, rejuvenating, and refreshing occasions in a person’s life. It brings immense and genuine happiness for the soul-mates and binds them together for the rest of their lives. As the wedding guests rejoice and cherish the moments, a wedding takes the form of a common source of happiness and celebration. Due to this factor, the occasion should be as memorable as possible.

While doing so is possible in a variety of ways, bringing the element of surprise to the party can help achieve the purpose. Since every wedding usually comprises a few of such surprises, it is imperative to be creative and think of innovative ways. If you have a wedding planning ahead, you have come to the right place. By the time you conclude this article, you will have known six ways to surprise your guest truly. So let’s start.

1. Bring in Some Singers

No wedding can be complete without some rhymes and rhythms, so it is best to bring in some singers. While you can ask a renowned individual singer to add value to the occasion, there are also some other ways of doing it. For instance, you can appoint and dedicate one or two singers for every table to entertain the audience. But it should not be done in a traditional, conventional way. Instead, it would be unique if the singers can suddenly appear at the table and surprise the guests with their singing skills. The song for each table should be different and according to the specific guests sitting there.

Another fantastic way to surprise the entire audience is by having the bride or the bridegroom sing to them. Within no time, you will start to notice that there is a pin-drop silence from the attendees. That is because many of them are probably hearing the wedding stars sing for the first time. Regardless of any skilled singing, it isn’t possible to have the perfect effect without some professionals to back it up with their tunes. Therefore, remember to hire one of the best wedding bands in Toronto

2. Make a Stunning Entrance

While this may be an expected and common thing to do, you may go ahead with it because it never gets old. You must begin by making a fascinating entrance to the occasion. The sole aim here is to surprise and mesmerize the guests truly. You can also arrange for the bride and the bridegroom to arrive at the scene in a horse-drawn carriage. Or, you can choose a vintage car for them for the same effect. The same thing can go for guests, who can also dress up as a crew to make the wedding look truly unique. Some people like to dress to resemble a cavalry or a group of pirates or superheroes to celebrate the event. It is essential to try some out-of-the-box and creative clothing for the band members too to make a lasting impact. 

3. Invite a Celebrity

While several weddings ensure that at least one renowned celebrity grace the occasion, let us do this one creatively too. You can arrange for the special guest or the public figure to enter the scene at an unexpected moment. Alternatively, you can have them do a certain getup so they might not be recognizable. Then, they may proceed to reveal themselves in the middle of the wedding, thus surprising everyone. If you cannot arrange a celebrity’s visit, try to bring a lookalike to the scene. In a way, this will be even more entertaining.

4. Arrange Spectacular Speech

The wedding speech is essential, and sometimes, it is the only center of attention for the guests. The address that a skilled person can make has immense importance to enliven the occasion and touch the hearts of the audience. The content of the speech matters hugely; it should be well-crafted and contain all the necessary elements. It will, of course, have the mention of the bride and the bridegroom, but it can also provide interesting information. It could relate to your heritage or the family legacy, in general. Even the pitch, effect, and impact of the sound matter a lot at this point. Most importantly, the speech will need to contain an adequate amount of humor to entertain the guests truly.

5. Add Some Background Vibe

It is essential to have the quintessential background vibe on occasion. But instead of having some traditional rhythms entertaining the guests, you can, once again, think of a creative way to do so. We have all seen the conventional snowman quipping at people and passing witty remarks at them, and the same method can be applied here. You can replace the snowman with another character if you want. Using this method will prompt the guests to share laughter and enjoy the occasion fully.

6. Introduce Some Games

It is excellent to make some games part of the event to give it an exciting look and feel. Bringing some bouncy castles, an arcade game machine, or even a popcorn maker can keep the guests attached. These games will stay, especially the children and teens busy and allow accompanying elders to focus on the guest speaker or other preparations of the occasion. Similarly, you can bring as many games as possible to the wedding to make it as appealing as possible. Doing so will make it a memorable event for several years to come.

Final Word

A wedding is the most amazing and enthralling occasion to celebrate, and it should include all the necessary components. It is required to make the event exciting and enjoyable and allow the attendees to enjoy it to the fullest. Using a few of the methods mentioned above can help you in achieving this task. Focus, especially on the entrance, speech, and games, to make sure that it remains in the memory of the guests. There is no harm in experimenting with some of the new things, such as a snowman or other character. In short, do whatever you can to make sure that the guests can share some great laughter and time.

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