6 Ways To Pick The Right Clothing For Your Body Shape

With the range of sizes, shapes, and cuts available in different brands, it can be challenging to know how to shop for your body. The key to knowing what suits you is learning the features of your figure and what you’d like to emphasize. However, it’s not just about how something looks; it’s about how it makes you feel too!

Want to find out more about picking the right clothing for your body shape? Check out these top tips:

1. Check your measurements

Brands and stores have different sizing guidelines. No two places are the same, which can be frustrating when trying to shop for your size. The best way to tackle this is by noting down your measurements. Use a tape measure and use this information when clothes shopping.

Key measurements include:

  • Chest/bust
  • Natural waistline
  • Hips
  • Inseam
  • Upper arm

Don’t get hung up on the clothing label size; the measurements are the most important aspect.

2. Choose clothing that feels good now

Some people make the mistake of buying clothing they might fit into eventually. However, this isn’t just a waste of money; it doesn’t make you feel good. Instead, purchase clothing that fits perfectly now so you can wear it and feel great immediately.

3. Check out a fashion subscription service

Picking clothing can be time-consuming, so why not consider a subscription service. This concept works by analyzing your style choices and size to get the right types of clothing for you. This idea can save you time and money, and there are different companies to explore. For example, this Nadine West review showcases the types of items you might get and how it works for your budget.

4. Create a capsule closet

When picking suitable clothing, start by building up from the basics. Next, think about items you can wear for different occasions and that are versatile enough for day to evening looks. Once you have the basics covered, start building a capsule wardrobe that goes with these pieces. Explore options such as shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses. Plus, accessories that pair well for different outfits.

5. Find colors that work for your skin tone

Choosing the right colors for your skin tone lifts your look. A great way to get the right options for you is to have a color consultation. A professional will talk you through how different shades work with your skin and show you ways to incorporate different hues into your closet.

6. Wear what makes you happy and confident

There are a lot of benefits of wearing the right clothing for your body shape. However, the main aim should be to feel comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing. Sometimes the rulebook can be thrown out of the window if an item ticks all your boxes and boosts your confidence. So be sure to shop with your preferences in mind and these guidelines as a way to elevate your style.

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