6 Travel Photography Tips

travel photography

You don’t need to own an expensive camera or be an expert photographer, to take memorable photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just like taking photos for pleasure, here are some travel tips you can use to make your photos better.

Decide Which Device You’ll Use

Will you take your photos on a camera, smartphone, or both? If you’re taking a camera, which one will you bring. Do you need one that has many features, or should you bring a heavy-duty camera resistant to the elements? Whatever camera or device you use, make sure the device if one that you’re familiar with. You don’t want to have to learn the complicated features on your new smartphone or camera, in the middle of a trip. This can lead to lost opportunities and frustration while you’re trying to capture great memories.

Prepare Your Accessories

If you’re using your smartphone for shooting, make sure you pack a SIM card and portable battery (if this is supported by your smartphone). If you bring a camera, make sure you bring the appropriate case, lenses, and accessories. Will you need to use a tripod or a USB cable? These questions should be considered before your trip.

Travel With A “Clean” Device

Many people take photos during a trip or event, fill up their memory card and never upload the photos. Do yourself a favor, as soon as you can upload your device and camera. Make sure the memory is clear before your trip. The last thing you want to do is lose your camera or drop it in a lake, only to remember it contains the only photos you have of your son’s wedding from a few months ago. Here are some good tips on cleaning your device.

Research Your Trip

Destinations are not created equal. There are many reasons for a place to be photogenic. Whether you’re traveling to an old or new destination, you should take the time to do a little research. Where are the hidden photographic gems? Are there places and times where the crowd would make it difficult to get a good photo? When is the “golden hour”, sunrise, and sunset at your destination? By doing research, you’ll save time and capture inspired images.

Prepare for the Unexpected

This is the most important tip when it comes to travel photography. The best thing you can do is prepare for anything and keep an open-mind. Sure, anyone can take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower. However, many people will miss the picture of the elderly couple holding hands while walking on the beach? Or the child chasing a yellow balloon in the park? Consider the various vantage points, angles, or locations. Sometimes the best photographs aren’t planned, well-lit and perfectly framed. Instead, they often contain an element of surprise.

Post on Social Media

If you want people to see your images then why not post them on social media. Instagram is one of the best places to do so and with a little bit of an eye for the camera and some other areas you can really impress. Instamacro is a tool that could really help you get things out there too and well worth trying if you want to be seen by the world.

These six tips will help ensure that your photos on your travels are as good as they can be and will impress people no end.

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