6 tips to get forever fashionable tattoos


Are you planning to have a tattoo? It’s not a surprising thing, nowadays tattoos are more popular than ever, and they can give you an elegant or even cool look, IF you choose a timeless design. Here are the big Tattoo Chief’s tips to create a permanently fashionable ink.


  1. Bodypart

First of all, you should define the bodypart of your future tattoo. If you’re a student now, or you don’t know yet, what you’ll want to do for the rest of your life, the Chief suggest you to choose a bodypart that can be easily hidden, if necessary.

Your second task’ll be to find the perfect design, which is „you”, and symbolize your individuality.

  1. The „untiredable” idea

The old roaster tattoo fans often say: think before you ink! And it is so meaningful. If you like a design, you should print and expel it everywhere around the flat, then live with it for months and if you won’t get tired of it, that’s the perfect tattoo design for you. Of course, if you hate it after a month, you shouldn’t go for that idea and thank the Chief for this tip. 🙂 There are many classical forms, which will be always fashionable, because they are around since the World is World. Eg.: the geometric, tribal ideas, angels, animals or flowers are good choices. (Check this for a pretty complete list.)

  1. The unforgettable design

Did you see an unforgettable line across someone’s body? You can’t think any other thing, only that design? Horray, you fund your TATTOO! Yes, with upper case letters. You’re very lucky, particularly, if it hasn’t an „actual” theme. Every year has its „most popular” and „best” tattoo trends, but you should be careful with these ones, because they often lose their attraction in a year or two.

  1. The perfect artist

Not an easy task but you have to find the most talented tattoo artist within the category you’ve chosen, who can adapt your idea the most perfect way. There are artists who do the tattoo letters and fonts better, while some specialize in drawing certain tattoos, some in minimalist ideas, etc. You have to choose somebody who can show you the references that you find amazing.

  1. The never-do ideas

Are you in love? Ok, this is nice thing but you should never tattoo your lover’s name on yourself. It often looks like a prison tattoo, or what’ll happen when you break up? If you’d like to ink something that connects you with your lover, chose a couple tattoo or something similar.

  1. Tattoo inspired fashion

A very special type of fashion is the tattoo inspired fashion. If you don’t have a tattoo yet or you have one but love these clothes and accessories, you have to buy them! This way you can always represent your ink addiction and passion, even in the winter season, when you normally couldn’t show your body art. Be brave and wear tattoo-like goods and never forget: a good ink can dress you better, than any perfectly tailored dress.

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