6 Things to Watch Out For When Buying A Karaoke machine For Your Home


Having a karaoke machine at your home can be a fun, especially if all your family members are gathered around for some special celebration. And if you are thinking of buying one, then you need to watch out for certain factors to ensure that the karaoke machine you buy serves you well.

Quality Of Sound

Check the speaker system of the karaoke to make sure that the music sounds good. The sound must not have too much static noise and neither must it sound too dim. Instead, the instrumentation coming out from the karaoke should be pleasing to the ears. Plus, some systems will have a very low volume, which might not get heard in a very noisy environment. As such, check the sound levels of the machine and ensure that you can dial it up pretty loud.


When using the karaoke machine at home, it is very likely that you won’t be keeping it in one place alone. Instead, you will move it around your home, sometimes in your living room, sometimes outside on the verandah and so on. As such, you need to make sure that it is portable enough for you and your family members. The machine must not be so heavy that you will only be able to move it by exerting too much force.


Make sure that the karaoke supports almost all types of formats you might use. Generally, a karaoke machine will use a format called CD+G. in addition, you must also check out whether the machine supports formats like DVD, MP3, WMA, and so on. The larger the number of formats supported, the better it is.

Built-In Screen

As far as possible, get a karaoke machine that has a built-in screen. You may buy one without a screen, but you will have to connect it to your television in order to use it. But if you move the karaoke around a lot, then it will be difficult to move your TV with it. So, spend a few more bucks and get a karaoke with a screen.


Check the wattage of the karaoke machine. Generally, the higher the wattage, the better the machine will sound. So, a machine with a power output of 100 watts will sound much better than another one with an output of 50 watts. Try to get a karaoke machine with a power output of at least 90 watts.


Look at the quality of the microphone offered by the karaoke machine. Does it capture sound well? If so, you can go ahead and select the machine. You should also look at how many microphones can be connected to it. Sometimes, the karaoke machine will be used by more than one person at the same time. As such, ensure that the machine at least supports two microphone connections.

Keep in mind the above points, and you should easily be able to identify good karaoke machines. And be sure to check out http://musiccritic.com/equipment/instruments/best-karaoke-machines/  if you wish for a more in-depth review of the best and most affordable karaoke models in the market.

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