6 Surprises To Make Your Wedding Anniversary A Day To Remember

They say that romance dies in a marriage after a certain period of time. Same daily routine, same old gifts, same intimacy in bed makes for a good life but not an exciting one. Well, this anniversary, prove all of them wrong! You two have vowed to be together for the rest of the life and you can keep the romantic flame burning as long as you both want. No rules of society are applied when it comes to love because as they also said “Love conquers all” and it can also conquer dull, boring moments in a relationship between husband and wife. Put on your thinking cap and begin planning for an anniversary that is worth remembering, for both of you and not the friends, family and guests. To throw a party or not is a choice but make sure that you are not invested in planning that party for others instead plan something special for the two of you. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Midnight Cake Delivery

You cut the cake at the wedding before everyone and you must probably be doing so at every anniversary but this year, plan a midnight delivery of a marriage anniversary cake and cut it alone in the bedroom or balcony when only you two are there. You will relive that moment of your wedding but this time, the moment will be forever locked between you two only, no shutterbug, no guests, no noise. You bet that cake will feel tastier.

  1. Handwritten Notes

Slip each other love notes the whole day on your anniversary. Whether you are alone with each other or in the presence of guests, pass the notes to each other at an hourly or half-hourly interval. The excitement to open that note and read love nothing in them will make you feel so alive with romanticism for each other.

  1. Talk About Life

Dedicate one hour of your anniversary to each other and talk about dreams, hopes, future, old age and goals. While this may seem ineffective while reading, it will cast a magic spell on the relationship which will eventually bring you two closer to each other. The conversation an wander off to anything that you want to discuss. Just be aware that criticising each other’s statement is off-limits.

  1. Revisit Your First Date

Order the same food, wear something similar and sit at the same table, if possible, and reminisce the first date when you two were a little hesitant, a little excited and a whole lot of nervous. Wasn’t that the magical time? Relive those moments and treasure your relationship more than the day before.

  1. Dance Away The Worries

Get lost into each other arms and sway to the music that makes your heart beats faster. Look into each other’s eye, swirl and twirl and dance to the music, this will make you feel like young teenagers still madly in love with each other. Do not forget to include the song of your first dance together and man and wife.

  1. Spice Things Up In Bedroom

Put your best foot forward with the same passion when you came close to each other for the first time. Jazz up the bedroom act with a little naughtiness and see the relationship come alive with new pizzazz once again. Snuggle, cuddle, spoon, or whatever that could float the boat.

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