6 Smart Things You Must Adopt to Add More Life to Your Car

If you enjoy long drives on your beautiful car or need to go on rides in your car often, you will need a powerful and efficient car. The power and efficiency of your car will determine whether you will enjoy a high-performance smooth ride. There are many ways of improving the performance of your car for a faster and safer ride. 

1. Supercharger

A supercharger is a compact air compressor that can be added to the engine of the car. It increases the pressure of the air intake above the normal levels. The result is that more air enters the engine. It uses a spinning movement to force more air to enter the combustion chamber. This gives space for more fuel to create larger combustion.

Supercharging increases the power of the engine because of the increase in air-flow through the engine. It also increases the volumetric efficiency of the engine of the car. Superchargers are activated by the crankshaft of the engine and boost the power of the engine quickly without any lag. Once you install the supercharger, your car becomes a super-efficient and super-powerful machine.

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2. Cold Air Intake

Cold Air intake is a device that brings cool air to the internal combustion engine of the car. A hot engine can reduce the overall performance of the car. Improving the performance of the car is not only for the thrill of driving an efficient car but also a better approach to car insurance. A high -performance car may reduce insurance rates for your car.

The cold air delivered by the cold air intake is denser than hot air and contains more oxygen to increase the power of the engine. It also frees up the air-flow in the engine and reduces the temperature of the air in the engine compartment. The oxygen content in cool air increases combustion and the power and efficiency of the car.

3. Air Filter

To use the air and fuel combination for adding power efficiently, it is prudent to add air filters. Air filters remove impurities and contaminants. They are made up of several layers of mesh that catch impurities and prevent contaminated air from entering the engine. They are reusable and can be easily taken out and washed periodically.

They are inexpensive and changing them once a year will improve the performance of the car. When clean air mixes with fuel, the life of your car’s engine is prolonged and the emission from your car is reduced. Adding and replacing air filters is a simple method of increasing the performance of your car.

4. Weight Reduction

Cars that are lighter run faster. There are many easy ways of reducing the weight of your car. Steel wheels can make the car heavy. lightweight wheels will reduce the weight of the car. If you don’t use the rear seats of the car, removing them will make the car run faster.

If you still feel that your car is too heavy, you can opt for carbon fiber or fiberglass body panels to replace the existing metal panels and polycarbonate windows to replace glass windows. You can replace the battery of your car with small race batteries. A lighter car will give you better speed and performance than a heavy one.

5. Water Injection Kit

Installing a water injection kit will reduce carbon deposits in combustion chambers. This prevents the rattling sound from engines and increases the power, performance and gas-mileage in the car. If your engine is supercharged, the water injection kit will increase the power of the engine. Once this kit is installed, you can use low octane fuel. The chances of detonation are reduced and consequently the damage caused to the engine as a result of the detonation.

The kit lowers the temperature in the combustion chamber of the engine and slows the burning of fuel. This system improves the performance of the car by keeping the combustion chamber clear of carbon impurities.

6. Re-flashing Programmer

Programmers are available for supercharged engines. These programmers perform a re-flashing or modification of the existing computer program in the car. These programmers can make the car reduce fuel usage and increase the car’s torque and horsepower. Programmers program the car’s computer system to optimum settings.

A computer is connected to the car using a flash drive. The computer reads the data of the vehicle and checks the current performance of the car. The programmer then optimizes all the functions of the car. A second reading of the data of the car is made to check if all systems are optimized. All computer settings are optimized once the car’s computer is re-flashed. Re-flashing helps to reduce fuel bills and maximizes the response and performance of the car.

If you want your car to go faster and perform more efficiently, there are many easy ways to maximize the performance potential of your car.

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