6 Reasons You Should Get Business COVID-19 Testing In Phoenix

Phoenician employers may be skeptical about corporate testing being worth the time and expense of implementation. But COVID-19 testing employees regularly has benefits beyond stopping the spread of COVID-19. Keep reading to find out how COVID-19 testing can help secure your business.

6 Reasons You Should Get Business COVID-19 Testing In Phoenix

1. Helps you plan ahead to maintain operations

Regular testing allows you to use further techniques to prepare for when someone tests positive. For example, employees can be scheduled in teams, meaning that you have trained back-up staff ready to step in if someone tests positive.

With new, more contagious variants of COVID-19 emerging, it’s more important than ever to embrace strategies that prevent widespread outbreaks among staff, leading to frustrating shortages, or worse, being shut down by the health department. Testing also allows you to protect staff with roles and knowledge vital to operations from being exposed at work and thus being unavailable for two weeks.

2. Strengthen confidence of patrons and other professional relationships

With only half of Phoenix residents being vaccinated, many people are still hesitant to venture out and resume pre-pandemic activities. And because the pandemic highlighted many of the challenges with the traditional workplace, people are more conscious than ever to prioritize support for businesses that value their employees.

Implementing corporate COVID-19 testing is a powerful way to demonstrate that you put safety first. Making it known that you are utilizing regular testing in your COVID-19 safety plans will also instill trust in your safety practices from the vendors, suppliers, and regulatory officials you interact with regularly.

3. COVID-19 liability protection

Although Arizona recently passed a law providing protections to businesses who made good-faith efforts to follow guidelines, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sued. It will take years for legal standards regarding liability to be fully defined. As people end up in more desperate situations resulting from the pandemic, businesses should be prepared to deal with lawsuits – even with the assumption that they would be unsuccessful.

Regularly testing employees in excess of requirements provides you with strong evidence that you acted in good faith to keep everyone safe. Additionally, advertising your use of regular COVID-19 testing could help ward off anyone who may be tempted to target your business for a frivolous lawsuit.

4. Shows employees that they are valued

While regular COVID-19 testing functions to protect your business, it can also help employees plan ahead to keep their own families and households safe. Those who have loved ones in their social bubbles who aren’t eligible for vaccination and may be at high risk will be relieved at the extra safety measures.

Plus, employees themselves who may not benefit from full immunity even after vaccination – like someone who received an organ transplant – will feel more secure in knowing they are appreciated and supported through their health concerns.

5. Helps navigating the New Normal

If you have a large Human Resources department, buying DIY test kits and following the guidelines required for employer-administered COVID-19 tests may not seem like an impossible task.

If you don’t have a strong management team well-versed in dealing with sensitive matters like employee confidentiality, however, corporate COVID-19 testing services can help. As healthcare providers, they are familiar with these types of challenges and can help business owners shape practical policies that adhere to regulations. Some companies may even be able to offer advice on how to reopen in accordance with guidelines.

6. Incentives and convenience

If you need business COVID testing in Phoenix, be sure to look for companies that reward you for putting safety first. Incentives can be in the form of progressive group discounts as well as discounts for ongoing service agreements. Your health insurer may also work with you to partially reimburse costs for services.

Mobile COVID-19 testing services are equipped to take care of all materials necessary to administer COVID-19 tests to you and your employees. They will send out one or more nurses to administer tests, process results, and safely dispose of samples. If someone tests positive, they can offer advice to both you and the infected person on how to keep others safe and resume operations as quickly as possible.

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