6 Reasons to Adopt a Dog and Not Shop


Dogs bring immeasurable joy in their owners’ life and therefore they should be cherished. When you adopt a dog, you give your furry friend a new lease of life that otherwise would have been full of loneliness. Adopting a dog is the right thing to do and also a better option in the long run. What most people wrongly believe is that a store-bought puppy has a better breed, is more disciplined and will give them fewer troubles. This however is not true and therefore to convince you, we give you six reasons to adopt and not shop for a dog.

  1. Don’t Support Cruel Puppy Mills

The sad reality is that there is a high probability that puppies or dogs in a pet store are actually from puppy mills. The practice of forcibly getting female dogs pregnant and keeping the puppies away from their mother is how most puppy mills operate. There are also many illegally operated puppy mills that keep dogs in unspeakable conditions. Check out documentaries or short videos if you still don’t believe how cruel this practice is and decide if you buy dogs or puppies and support this cruel practice.

  1. They Are Already Trained to an Extent

Did you know that many dogs in the animal shelter are actually abandoned pets and therefore the chance that they are potty trained is relatively higher then store bought dogs. Many dogs of good breed are abandoned by their owners for no fault of the former. Some of them are even rescued from abusive or neglected environment and therefore these pets deserve all the love and respect in the world. They also make your life easier because they are already trained in all the things necessary and therefore you won’t have to buy too many things to train them, only a few necessities like a dog proof garbage can, collar, leash and a kennel.

  1. You Are Saving Their Lives

Though it is illegal to kill or euthanize animals in some countries– the US is not one of them. More than three million animals are euthanized each year when they are not adopted from their respective shelters after a limited duration of time. You can’t save everyone but at least try to save a life by adopting and not buying a dog.

  1. Mixed Breed Animals Are Better

There is misconception that pure breeds are superior and far better to have but scientifically, there is no substantial proof to support this fact. In fact, the opposite is true and mixed breeds are well known for having higher life expectancies as compared to pure bred dogs. There is a bigger gene pool for mixed breed dogs and therefore most of them have more features and a unique personality second to none. This means you will be getting several benefits from multiple breeds in a single dog and because shelters have a higher percentage of mixed breed dogs, you need to adopt and not shop.

  1. Everything Is Included!

Most shelters offer free vaccinations, neutering or spraying and even micro chipping when you adopt a dog from them. This is not possible if you buy a dog and you will have to incur additional costs to have your pet ready for its new home. If you want minimum hassles, then try adopting and not shopping for any kind of pets.

  1. A Unique Personality

The best part about dogs from shelters is that they all have a unique personality to match its prospective owner. You will forever remain entertained with their quirky habits and there would never be any dull moment in your life. Also, dogs are more sensitive than what we give them credit for and therefore they will be forever grateful to their owner for rescuing them and you will get twice the amount of love that you shower on them.

The above were some reasons why you need to adopt and we hope that we managed to convince you to give adoption and not buying a try.

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