6 Musicians who Changed Fashion with Their Trends


It is a known fact that fashion has been influenced by many artists no matter what art form they practice. One of the prime arts which have had a great effect on fashion and the way we know it today is music. Music artists have practiced and brought about many trends and styles which have influenced and shaped the fashion industry as it is today. Some of these styles still persist while other styles which were famous once slowly died down with the new changes being introduced in the fashion sector.

Today we provide the information here about the 6 top musicians who had a major impact on the fashion industry and how the fashion they brought out was accepted widely by the world.

  1. Bob Marley

One of the most successful and popular singers the world has ever known, Bob Marley was the one who made casual look cool. Back in 60’s, M-65 was a military jacket which was considered as ‘The outfit’ for veterans and leaders and hence was a symbol of war. Bob Marley completely overturned the meaning of this and introduced this jacket as a symbol for peace. Following him, people begin purchasing these jackets and sooner than expected, they became a symbol for peace and harmony. His work, along with his crew are often mentioned in the popular website https://musiccritic.com. Check his masterpieces and read the interesting articles about him.

Marley during his prime promoted causal styles and he was mostly seen wearing tracks along with sneakers which is a trend followed even now. The deadlock hairstyle, different hair colors and the unclean shave look was what Bob Marley left behind as his contribution to style.

  1. David Bowie

If you think Lady Gaga is the one with the strangest taste in fashion, then you probably are not aware of David Bowie, a singer prominent in the late 80’s and 90’s. Throughout his career, he came out with bold styles and proved to the mass that what you wear doesn’t matter if you wear it with confidence. He loved strong colors which did leave an impression on each of his shows. From stripped pants to strange silhouettes, he came out with styles which even the people couldn’t believe.

  1. Madonna

Well if you talk about the queen of pop, then there is one more thing which separates her from her counterparts, her fashion sense. Madonna during her prime came out with a variety of styles, some of which were accepted by the audience while some were heavily criticized.  Her most famous look was the one in 80’s where she released a music video of her flaunting hoop earrings, necklace along with a lace dress which even today is a trend among girls. She influences fashion even today in every manner and you can find her appearing on the front or back page of popular fashion magazines as the symbol of style and sexiness.

  1. Sex Pistols

The ripped jeans you see, the safety pin tied shirts you find and many other similar pieces of clothing which are aimed to portray giving a second life to old clothes is something which Sex Pistols brought into practice. Their idea of DIY fashion has inspired many contemporary designers who believe creating fashion from already used pieces of clothing or elements of fashion which were long forgotten. So the next time you see your favorite celebrity wearing a ripped T-shirt of jeans or a washed out shirt, it is because these punks, the Sex Pistols of 80’s brought them to fashion.

  1. Kurt Cobain And Nirvana

If you are into fashion then you must be aware of the lumberjack wear which has slowly made its way back into the industry. However what you don’t know is that this lumberjack fashion was brought into practice by the popular grunge artist Kurt Cobain. He made the audience believe that you will look good in anything you wear if you learn to not care about everyone’s opinions. He also made faux fur coats, the rigged shirts, and the mohair jumpers one of the coolest pieces of clothing you could ever own.

  1. The Beatles

The Chinese collar shirt you see, the no collar suits, the round glasses as well as the bowl cut hairstyle–each of them was brought to fashion by The Beatles. This retro band popular in 60’s-70’s gave a new definition to the gentleman’s style as they came up with no collar suits paired with round shades which not only made them look cool, but increased their fan following altogether.

So, these were the top 6 musicians who redefined fashion for people to follow. There were many other stylish singers however these 6 were the ones who left their mark behind and one can see the glimpses of trends they started even today within fashion.

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