6 Misconceptions About Online Dating

online dating

Thanks to technology, even dating became an easier task for people. Online dating allows people to instantly look for the love their lives with the click of a button or perhaps, a swipe to the right. It has become a multi-million industry and we can just applaud the minds behind this brilliant innovation and that just proves how popular it to the masses.

For skeptics, online dating is just a water downed and maybe even a “bad idea” by means of traditional standards. If traditional dating can fail someone, what makes online dating a foolproof alternative?

But before we answer that question, here are some of the most common misconceptions about online dating.

online dating

Less likely effective or fruitful

With online dating still fairly new a method in the dating world, people can’t help but doubt its effectivity. After all, it exists in a virtual world that, for a lack of better word, can be a bit untrustworthy. Heard of those horror online purchases stories where people receive disappointing and sometimes laughable products? It’s exactly that but with people. And that makes it even scarier. Some might even say that most of the people there are only up for hookups what with the instant availability sign flashing on our profile.

THE TRUTH: But fear not, this is actually a positive thing if you take this on a positive note. Online dating allows for people to test the waters first before swooping in for even the first date with someone. You can build a friendship first and when you feel like you have some sort of magical connection with this person, that is when you swoop in. See? You don’t even need to spend money on what could otherwise be a disastrous first date. There are plenty of good sites and apps today to find a great date. You can find the best online dating sites here.

With online dating, you are actually given more time to get to know someone better and in turn gauge the potential of a budding romance.

The catfishing scare

For those who are new to the online dating scene, the term catfish refers to someone using a fictitious (and sometimes borrowed) identity to convince their prospect into forming a romantic relationship. What if you came across with one of these scheming pretenders and it’s too late for you to pull yourself back up from the quicksand of their charm?

THE TRUTH: Yes, catfishing is a common occurrence in the dating world. Perhaps almost everyone has come across with these people in some instances as they are THAT rampant. The only solution to this is to be as careful as possible. If the person you’re chatting with disclosed their personal information early in your conversations, try and look them up online and see if the stories are aligning the same.

The sibling of catfish ⏤ scammers

Online dating sites are a hotspot for scammers ⏤ the more evil twin of the previous item in this list. Usually, scammers reveal their true plans when they have already caught their prey. Acting like goody two shoes while in the early stages of online dating, they wait for the right to act on their plans that can involve criminal acts. You can encounter people who will repeatedly ask for money for no strong reason and they do this as long as they know that you are under their love spell.

THE TRUTH: For your safety, you should always be truly aware of who you are spending time with. And as mentioned, proper caution is needed in order for you to secure not only your heart but also your financial assets as well. Don’t get too gullible with the idea of an amazing person who just might be using that as his/her mask to lure you.

Long distance relationships are hard

A huge portion of online dating falls into the long distance relationship category. With online dating’s ability to connect two people from different parts of the world, it is only common for them to commit to a romance even when thousand of miles are separating them from each other. But with long distance relationships come the hardest obstacle of not seeing each other personally every day and expressing their love in a physical aspect. The relationship can end even before you get to meet.

THE TRUTH: Long distance relationship may be hard but it can be classified as one of the most rewarding experiences of your love life. The long wait to finally close the gap, the endless voice calls and video chats may never be enough for two people who are truly in love. But as they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and the months and even years of waiting will be worth it in the end.

It is all about money

A Philippines dating site like MizzFilipina can always have a bad rep for being a hangout for gold diggers. It is truly sad to think that just because the Philippines is a third world country, a lot of people think that Filipina girls looking for partners online are just looking for a walking and talking wallet of a man. Filipina girls and Asian women in general, are regarded as social climbers and are only after someone who can offer them a lavish lifestyle. This may be attributed to the never-ending issue of white supremacy.

THE TRUTH: Gold diggers are found online and offline (and never based on the race of a person) so you can say this will be a matter of bad luck for you if you managed to snag one. Never let your money speak out for you in order to lure the ladies as that could attract the gold diggers. Besides, there are tons of decent girls out there who are looking for true love and if you can offer that, you will be blessed with an amazing woman who will love you for who you are and not what you have.

Simply, it is not just as good as “real” dating

Close minded people will easily frown upon the idea of online dating including the likes of Philippines dating sites. The reasons listed above are just some narrow-minded opinions you will hear. But times have changed and the idea of dating is evolving into less complicated manners. But that does not mean that they are not something that one should try.

THE TRUTH: In reality, there is highly regarded and accepted statistics on which of traditional dating versus online dating is better. Nature takes its course on both and can have similar and varied results. Both can be badly unpredictable but they can also be gifts from the heavens.

Now, getting back to the earlier question posed in our into: the answer is IT’S NOT. Online dating is not perfect as there are still various factors for the success of any kind of relationship instead, it gives a chance for everyone to get into the dating scene with unlimited access even across continents. There should be no boundaries for finding love and online dating bridges the gap between two people behind the screens of their phones and computers. Yes, the above items listed can happen but it’s the leap of faith that gets you to the good things.

Point is, online dating or not, finding love is a gamble and you just need to lay out your cards for you to know if you can win. In case you get heart broken from online dating (and even traditional dating), know that it is not the system that failed you. It was the person. Dust yourself off and continue your love journey.


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