6 Great Advantages Of Microsoft Project


While Microsoft Project is a ubiquitous tool in companies from the USA, Germany, Japan , … in Spain, although Ms Project has more than 20 years of successful travel, it is still an unknown tool or little used by the professionals in project management, as well as in other areas and functions in which it is necessary to manage resources, although with the professionalization of project management, its use grows rapidly.

Image and management Office:

That term coined by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, perfectly defines the usability terms of Microsoft software, including Microsoft Project, based on an easy-to-use , intuitive interface , and with a small curve of learning in which new users will advance very fast in its management and professional application.

It is very similar in appearance to Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, … so from the first moment we will know enough to start a new management project.

Total integration with Excel, Word, Access:

95% of the professionals who attend our Microsoft Project courses for project management have the information of their projects: resources, calendars, Gantt diagrams, etc., in Excel tables, Access databases, Word reports o PowerPoint … Microsoft Project is designed to collect all that information from different files and programs, centralize it, process it, and use it to optimize project management. A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Buy Office 2019.

Importing to Ms Project, or exporting from Ms Project is very easy and natural, so we can continue using our old and inefficient management methods while we learn to master Microsoft Project, and we will use integration to our benefit when we are already Project experts. , in addition to which we can continue sharing the information of our projects with those colleagues, bosses, clients … who still do not manage Microsoft Project , although sooner or later you will convince them to move on.

Save time:

Having the planning of our project or projects in one place, with control over the sources of information, and shared as a team, saves a lot of time in the company. It reduces the round trip of questions by e-mail, telephone or meetings, misunderstandings that arise so quickly outside the scope of the objectivity of the data in a software of gesitón, errors, calculations … Microsoft Project is designed to optimize the projects, and as part of the resources of the company and the projects that we are the professionals of it, also helps us to be more productive, and therefore optimizes our management tasks.

Eliminate the overlap of work:

There is nothing more frustrating than having two or more people working exactly on the same task in duplicate, tripled, … or worse, having a person without a load because they thought their job was being done by another person. Errors and inefficiencies, which according to the numerous studies that are made on the productivity of companies, occur very frequently, and serious loss of productivity in companies.

Microsoft Project solves these problems, labeling and specifying with precision and clarity, who, and what, each member of the team does at the level of management, production, and any other task that is within our business projects.

It facilitates the visual management of projects: 

To analyze situations in projects, their progress, detect deviations … Microsoft Project has powerful tools that will help us to carry out this work with much greater simplicity, speed and capacity. Graphical reports well synthesized and custom designed for each type of user (reader), comparison of project plan by baselines versus real, signaling of deviations in real time … in Ms Project everything is designed to make an accurate decision of fast way, being able to obtain additional data quickly, because all the information is organized, organized and quickly accessible.

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