6 cool ideas to dress up your baby for a party

Who doesn’t like dressing up? We all do, especially women. But what every mom, new or old, likes better than dressing up herself, is dressing up her baby. Even before a child is born, new moms-to-be forget shopping for themselves and instead buy full wardrobes for their impending bundle of joy.

Any woman who previously wanted to be the best dressed of the party now wants her child to be the center of attention and so pays good heed to the kind of clothing and accessories she chooses for her kid. If you are a mom who wishes to see their child dressed perfectly each time you step out of the house, but you struggle to pair outfits together or cannot comprehend the kind of dressing that’s appropriate for different occasions, your days of worry are over. Because here we are, presenting our list of 6 cool ideas to dress up your baby for a party:

1. Know the theme

These days every party is based around a theme, so it’s probably the wisest idea to enquire about the theme when you get an invitation to the event. Supposedly the theme requires a costume instead of regular clothing, such as in the case of Disney-themed birthday parties or Halloween, the parent will be saved from a panicky last-minute shopping spree if they already have one or two simple costumes at home. While we don’t promote any kind of hoarding, we do advise to keep your eyes out for any baby clothes sale, so that you can get both, regular outfits and some party costumes for discounted prices, and always be ready for a last-minute invite.

2. Color coordinate

One of the latest trends in baby clothing is color coordination with parents or siblings. For an already themed party, you’re bound to follow the required style or color, but for parties without a set dress code, you can ensure your baby stands out by putting in outfits that coordinate with your own. Matching sets for parents and kids is currently a raging product in the market, so it won’t be extra hard for you to find one such outfit. And even if you don’t wish to spend on new clothes, you can always find staple pieces from your own and your child’s wardrobe, in similar colors or shades.

3. Bring back the past

There’s nothing cuter than a chubby little girl wearing a 70’s inspired polka dot dress or a handsome little guy wearing suspenders and a bow tie. Re-visit the gone by eras to take inspiration while dressing your child for the next day soiree. Add curls to your girl’s hair for an elevated touch and a pair of round glasses to complete your son’s old man look. Take it even further in the past by dressing up your baby as a medieval prince or princess, a warlock, or a cute little knight. You, too, can dress up as a medieval queen or a lady knight to match your baby’s costume. You’re sure to turn heads and be in the spotlight with your eye-catching costumes.

4. The new age look

Another new trend in baby clothing is to say goodbye to the ruffles and bows and dress your little girls and boys in adult-like clothes. For example, a five-year-old dressed in slacks and a waistcoat or a little princess in a t-shirt-dress with boots. Dressing up children in more sophisticated styles and silhouettes are the latest rage, provided, of course, that the clothing items are appropriate in coverage and design.

5. Be Hipster-chic

It is a relatively new style of clothing both in adults and kids. Pair a grey t-shirt with a slightly ripped pair of jeans and a little fedora hat to turn your young man into a cool hipster. For your girl, a skater skirt with a t-shirt, topped with a faux-leather jacket is the perfect ultra-chic outfit.

6. Go all out

For the ultimate attention-grabbing ensemble, go all out and let your creativity reign supreme. Turn a minimalistic onesie into a colorful piñata made out of craft paper right at home. Don’t wait for a themed party to put your costumes on display and take any opportunity to flaunt your inner creativity as it’s bound to set you and your kid apart from the crowd.


For more visual ideas, search through Pinterest for purposes. But never be hesitant to try your sense of style. Once your child is old enough to put clothes together, let them style themselves for an occasion to bring up their confidence and creativity.

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