6 Cars to Impress the Ladies

If you want to impress the ladies, you have to have a great car, right? Here are the top six cars that will do just that.

Porsche GT4

This has to be the ultimate car for impressing the ladies. It has so many sensual curves it will make you look sexy just driving it. It is designed to attract the female gaze and it is the perfect car if you are an exhibitionist. It has a powerful engine and can get her wherever she wants to go.

Of course, to stay looking sexy you have to update your Porsche every so often as nobody lady likes to be seen in a dated car. Check out ‘sell my Porsche’ at We Buy Exotics for a great selling price for last year’s model.

Ferrari 458 Italia

A Ferrari is a good contender for the sexiest car to drive if you want to impress the females. The Italian craftsmanship oozes luxury and style which will make you all the more attractive. They might start off drooling over the car, but it won’t be long until they are drooling over you as well. It features a roaring V8 engine that will get you noticed, and the car offers curves in all the right places.


For a car that will impress the ladies without being too overstated a BMW will whisper the words ‘money and power’ into her ear without any effort from you. All you have to do is drive the car and it will keep the ladies very impressed indeed. This car offers futuristic lines and doors that open skywards. You will look like the man of the future (theirs) driving the car of the future.

Lamborghini Huracan

This car has lots of sex appeal that the ladies will be sure to notice. If the look of it isn’t enough then the throaty roar of the engine will certainly grab their attention. This is a hugely powerful car, and you will be noticed from afar.

Rolls Royce Ghost

If you want to impress the ladies with your suave, sophisticated style then it has to be the Rolls Royce Ghost. This may not have the highest performance or speed of some of the sports cars, but the brand says it all. This is a beautiful car and each one is made to the customer’s specifications. If you want to impress the ladies, then purr through the city streets in this car. The quality of the vehicle will say it all.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

James Bond’s car. This will impress the ladies with its smooth lines and curves, not to mention its powerful performance. It always works for Mr. Bond in the movies so it can work for you too.

If you can afford to treat yourself to one of these luxury cars, the ladies will be falling over themselves to be taken for a ride. You will get the pick of the bunch without even having to turn your engine off.

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