6 Bag trends for Fall/Winter 2022-2023

With the current warm temperatures, a beach bag is enough for us, but secretly we are already scouring the web for our it-bag this autumn. As always, fashion house runway shows provide us with plenty of Fall/Winter 2022-2023 bag trends to choose from.

We spot gigantic work bags that fit your laptop perfectly, but also handbags made of soft shearling materials. And then there are bags that have had extra love put into them. Read the most important fall/winter bag trends you need to know about.

1. The giant bag

A large bag is never wrong, but how about a gigantic bag? Handy as a work bag, sports bag and weekend bag in one. Also ideal: the shape of this bag also ensures that your bag takes up little space when it is empty.

bucket bags, bag trends

Romytisa leather bucket bag

2. The bucket bag

The bucket bag has an elegant design, it is a bucket with a cylindrical shape. These leather bucket bags are one of the new trends that go with every outfit. They are feminine and elegant. The shape of the bag makes it easy to store all your daily necessities. You can carry the versatile bucket bag on your shoulder, in your hand or on your wrist.

3. Soft teddy bags

Autumn calls for cozy materials, also for your handbag. We spot bag trends with a completely soft texture, but also bags with shearling finishes. Small side note, be careful with the wet autumn weather, the material is only suitable for mild autumn days.

4. Heart shaped bags

Our wardrobe could use some love, fashion houses thought. Hearts are flying around us on the runway of fall/winter collections: from small tweed bags in the shape of a heart to a marble heart as a clutch.

Romytisa sling bag

5. Embroidery bags

Are you a fan of embroidery here and there? Then these leather sling bags with embossed flowers is the perfect variant for you! These bags with embossed details are a real eye-catcher because of the design. Slightly more striking than the others, but completely winter proof!

Embroidered and embossed clothing is one of the biggest fashion trends right now, and we’re seeing it more and more on bags now. If you don’t feel like covering yourself from head to toe in embroidered clothing, it’s a good idea to join this trend with a bag.

6. The Half moon shape bags

The most popular bag shape of the fall will be the crescent: from pink glitter bag to a slouchy handbag. The crescent shape of the bag gives your look a luxurious, timeless look. This shape definitely stands out this winter!  Because of the crescent shape its named moon bag or banana bag. We absolutely love this bag because it offers enough space and fits perfectly with any outfit.

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