5 Wearable Accessories You Can Make Yourself

wearable accessories

If you can’t buy accessories that reflect your personal style, you have other options. Discover five wearable accessories you can make yourself

If you’re interested in personally expressing yourself through fashion, you may find the experience of creating your accessories to be extremely rewarding. You get to craft items that perfectly match your style and adorn yourself with something that you can’t buy in a store. Read on to learn about five wearable accessories that you can make yourself.

A Pin

Pins are a canvas for creativity, allowing you to express your individuality and interests in a compact yet potent form. Imagine transforming a simple sketch into something with symbolism that you can wear—whether championing a cause, showcasing your love for a favorite character, or playing with abstract designs.

By creating your pins, you engage in a dialogue with the world around you, adorning your attire with pieces that carry deeper meanings or lighthearted fun. Choosing what to create is as personal as the stories behind the pins, making each one a unique testament to your imaginative prowess.

A Headband

Another wearable accessory you can make yourself is a headband. Headbands come in various styles that you can adapt to your taste. Consider crafting a braided fabric headband made from upcycled materials to offer a unique twist to your ensemble.

If you have an affinity for nature and whimsy, create a floral headband with real or faux flowers to encapsulate the beauty of the outdoors in a romantic and enchanting way. Each type offers a different expression of creativity, allowing you to experiment with various fabrics, embellishments, and designs to make headbands that resonate with your style.

A Hawai’ian Lei

A Hawai’ian lei symbolizes affection and celebration—it allows you to show honor to yourself or a loved one during a special event. This makes it an appropriate accessory for events such as weddings, graduations, and even funerals.

Make sure you know how to make a traditional Hawai’ian lei to ensure you do it properly. Afterward, you will have a beautiful accessory that brings a piece of Hawai’ian tradition into your wardrobe.


Handmade jewelry is a broad category that allows for immense creativity. For beginners, creating beaded bracelets or necklaces is a good start. Choose beads that appeal to you in various shapes, sizes, and colors, along with some jewelry wire or strong thread. This DIY project is enjoyable and lets you craft pieces that resonate with your style.

A Belt

Belts can be standout pieces that tie an outfit together. To make your belt, start with a strip of your chosen material, such as leather, fabric, or heavy-duty ropes.

Regarding your belt’s fastenings, your choices can vary from traditional belt buckles to knots for rope belts. Adding embellishments like studs, embroidery, or painted designs can elevate your belt from merely functional to a statement piece.

Crafting your accessories isn’t just about unleashing your creativity; it’s about making something uniquely yours. Start with these simple ideas, and you might discover a new passion.


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