5 ways you can spoil your mum this weekend

We all want to spoil our mums, whether its Mother’s Day or not – there’s nothing better than treating the special lady in your life and saying thank you for all the wonderful things she’s done for us over the years. But when you’re living on a bit of a budget, it’s not always easy to think of ways you can treat your mum and be kind to your finances at the same time.

Whether they’ve raised you alone, created a strong family unit for you to fall back on, or invested in your future so you can have the life they’ve always wanted you to have; mums deserve to be spoilt! Unfortunately, tropical Islands, private jets and a gold bar or two might be a little out of the average person’s price range….for more information on investment pieces such as coins and gold bars, click the link.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 5 simple and budget friendly ways you can spoil your mum this weekend.

A spa treatment

A weekend retreat at a beautiful spa sounds like the perfect way to treat mum. However, weekend retreats aren’t always kind to your budget. But there are alternatives! Perhaps you could book a couple of treatments for you both to enjoy at the spa or visit a local beauty parlour on the high street and see if you can book a treatment together. It’s a wonderful way to feel rested, relaxed and spend some quality time together too. Alternatively, why not recreate a spa-like experience at home?

Afternoon tea

There’s something quintessentially noble about afternoon tea. It simply says class and indulgence. And there’s something super cute and novel about drinking from pretty little teacups and enjoying some perfectly cut sandwiches. And don’t forget the rather large slices of indulgent cakes and dainty patisserie treats. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Take something off her to-do list

Mums are always busy. And very rarely find the time to sit down and relax. So, why not make life a little easier for her? If there’s some housework that needs doing, then offer to take the job off her hands. Cook dinner for her, fold and put away the laundry, run those errands so she doesn’t have to. She’ll be eternally grateful!

Treat her to a fitness class

If your mum is into her fitness, or wants to move her body a little more, then why not sign up to a gym class together? It doesn’t have to be intense or intimidating – how about a trampoline class or even an aerial fitness class? Have a giggle and get fit at the same time!


Does your mum watch a particular chef and wishes she could cook like they do? Or does she view professional dancers with envy? Well, why not treat her to some classes in her favourite passion? Dance lessons, cookery school, photography classes, painting tuition or even a language class so she can impress everyone on your next holiday abroad.

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