5 Ways to Rock A Pair of Sunglasses


Summer is fast approaching, and with it, endless hours spent squinting under the torrid sun. Its rays beat down ceaselessly on the naive commuter, lacking a pair of humble sunglasses, mankind’s only weapon against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. At least, as far as eyes are considered, a pair of sunnies ensure that all those pesky signs of aging are kept well at bay. A stitch in time could save you months spent buying those “miraculous” anti-wrinkle creams.

But what to wear? And how to wear it? What if it simply doesn’t look any good on you? Can a mom of three really rock those uber-cool aviator sunglasses? Read on to find out your best plan of action.

1) Minimize

Right off the bat, don’t go over the top while accessorizing. Sure, you may think that styling that new bracelet you bought the other day with those paisley pants and that top with bishop sleeves complements your sunglasses, but the truth is, they distract. They steal the attention away from your fabulous screens and deprive them of their due limelight. Instead, go for a simpler version of your personal style, such that the sunglasses tie the look together, rather than being simply another accessory.

2) Know Your Face Shape

I can’t emphasize this step enough; you need to know what style of sunglasses highlights your best features before you can even start putting an outfit together. You don’t want just any sunnies, you want the ones that suit you to a t. Perhaps it’s that retro pair or those cateye ones; experimentation is the easiest way to find out. Don’t give up, there’s a perfect pair out there for everyone.

3) Pick the Right Pair

You’re stepping out for a long, sunny day of hiking in the great outdoors: pick the pair that suits this purpose. Something rugged and outdoorsy, perhaps bereft of the cat eye quirk. Convey your adventurous intention through your outfits and integrate your sunglasses into it instead of simply decorating your head with a pair. A well-matched pair of sunglasses says a lot about you, not to mention that it protects the delicate skin around your eyes from the relentless sun.

4) Style It Sleek

For a sleeker, more professional look try styling the classic aviator sunglasses with a crisp shirt and, for that extra oomph, a smart jacket or casual blazer. If shirts aren’t your cup of tea, go for a elegant dress with a clean silhouette and solid colours matched with heels that further offset your sunnies. Don’t be afraid to mix it up simply because it doesn’t match our recommendation; there are no hard limits in fashion. Your sunglass picks could just redefine the trends.

5) Fake It Till You Make It

So you’ve looked everywhere and still come up empty. There seems to be not a single pair of sunglasses out there that do what you want them to: some come close but you know, in your heart of hearts, that it’s still only second-best. So here’s a hack for you: you don’t need to wear a pair (on your head anyway) to rock them with that fabulous outfit. Hook’em on the outside pocket of shirts or t-shirt collars or even belt loops (thought that makes sitting down rather precarious). It’ll do everything a pair of sunglasses can without making you second-guess your own face.

These are the five basic steps on styling sunglasses. Basic yet ridiculously effective, so don’t hesitate to try them out. The world of sunglasses is unimaginably vast so feel free to play around with different styles and colours. Remember, a pair needn’t be expensive to look hella good and by corollary, make you look hella good. Hope you find the perfect pair of sunnies for your peepers!

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