5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated When You Feel Tired

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Our lives are busy and it can be difficult to keep ourselves motivated and inspired on a daily basis. With work, family, friends, traffic, bills, and the plethora of things that can overwhelm us in life, is it any wonder why so many of us need some form of caffeine injection to keep us moving?

Here are five simple ways you can keep yourself motivated when you start to feel blah:

  1. Remember Your Purpose

Without purpose, life is meaningless. We all need a reason why we get out of bed to do what we do each day. If your only purpose is to survive and pay the bills, then its time you look at yourself in the mirror and find your purpose.

It doesn’t have to be some huge world-changing project. It could be something as simple as “being your best self” or “improving my community”. Maybe you want to be a better friend, wife/husband, or sister. You just need something that drives you to improve each day. This will keep you inspired and passionate.

  1. Practice Gratitude

What are you grateful for? What do you give thanks to each and every day? When you wake up each morning, spend five minutes focusing on one thing that you are grateful for. Whether it is your lover, friends, health, home, dog, cat, or whatever, spend five minutes on giving thanks and being grateful.

  1. Read Inspirational Quotes

Okay, this one may seem cliché or cheesy. But you know what? They work. There is a reason that sermons at church focus on a passage from The Bible: Because words are powerful. They have the power to influence and uplift our spirits.

Find yourself some good inspirational quotes and read a few a day that uplift you. Take the time to process and digest them and see how it energizes you.

  1. Take One Day Off A Week For Yourself

Seriously. Just do it. It doesn’t matter how much work you have on your plate, take some time off for yourself to juice up. Your to-do list will never end even when you die it will be full.

So many people burn themselves out and lose their motivation towards life because they forget to take time for themselves. Do yourself a favor and at least one day a week, turn off all of your devices and relax.

  1. Wake Up Earlier

Okay, this one might sound contradictory to my last suggestion but bare with me. When you wake up earlier, you get more done. And when you get more done (especially before noon), you feel more accomplished.

There is a reason why soldiers in the Army are up at 5am because it trains the mind and body to get stuff done right away.

So if you are feeling a bit tired and have lost some motivation and inspiration in your life, try these out and you should start feeling better!

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