5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

dog healthy

If your dog is in pain, you too are going to be in pain, emotionally speaking. Without a doubt, you would pull all the stops to make your dog healthy again and pain-free by using things like supplements (see more tips here). Those shining eyes running towards you with full force while wagging his tail is a sight that would touch the heart of every human alive. This moment is even more special for dog owners who raise their pets like their own children. Therefore, dog owners know how important it is to keep their dogs happy. One of the basic rules to keep your dog happy is to keep it healthy and therefore we bring you five ways to keep your dog healthy and happy!

  1. Give Them the Right Nutrition

Dogs love food and therefore just the sight of their favorite treat is enough to get their tail wagging. Often dog owners give in to their dog’s puppy eyes and end up feeding them human foods that are completely unsuitable for them. Things like chocolate, candies, ice-creams, raw milk etc are harmful for them. Chocolate and anything too sweet in particular are poisonous for dogs. Be careful about what your dog can digest and what it can’t. Your vet would be a great help in this and therefore do consult the expert regarding what you can feed your dog. Giving them the correct food will make them stay healthy and happy for a long time!

  1. Take Regular Visits to the Vet

Puppies need vaccines for life threatening conditions at about 4 months and even at 1 year. It is important to make those vaccine appointments if you don’t want your puppies infected. If you are thinking the only appointments that you would need to make are related to vaccination then think again! Dogs of all ages require regular checkups to the vet for different needs. Set up an appointment plan in advance with your vet according to your dog’s needs and do try to attend most of those appointments that you pre plan. Annual checkups are not advisable because your dog has a different life span than you and therefore is growing faster than humans. Do see a vet at least once in six months for routine checkups.

  1. Buy Lots of Toys

Dogs are social animals and they thrive on company but if you can’t spend too much time with your pet, keep him busy with a variety of toys. If your dog loves to chew, you can opt for an edible toy like this massive yak chew. You may also line the inside of the infamous Kong toy with peanut butter to keep your pooch busy. Dogs love their chews and squeaky toys. They can play for hours together and you can join them too! If you have to teach them any tricks then toys are a great way to do that. Just remember to buy a high quality toys that safe for chewing and also that don’t cause substantial harm physically (be careful of toys with pointed edges that can hurt your dog). You can even leave these toys in your dog’s crate to keep him occupied.

  1. Your Dog Needs Ample Amount of Exercise

Dogs need to exercise everyday to keep them healthy and the best way to convince them is to join them. You can take long walks with them or go jogging in the park. Exercising along with your dog will make you bond more with your pet and will also keep your dog happy. If you train your dog, you can even jump ropes together!

Having regular walks in the morning is an excellent routine to set. Your furry friends tend to get excited when they go out, so don’t forget their collar and leash. These collars and harnesses come in different colors and sizes for fun and for ensuring that your pet dog doesn’t skedaddle when you’re not looking. You can enjoy your daily strolls without having to worry about your dog’s safety.

  1. Spend Time with Your Dog

This goes without saying! Dogs as stated before are social animals and they need company to survive. Make sure you give them enough companionship and care. Spend time with them like they are nothing less than your family. Even of you are super busy with work, take out some time from your busy schedule for your dog to keep him happy.

So these were the five ways you can keep your dog healthy and happy at the same time. Do tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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