5 Ways to Find the Right Engagement Ring

You’re getting married! Congratulations, it’s an incredibly exciting time in any woman’s life, and there is now a lot of planning that needs to happen in order for you to have the perfect wedding of your dreams.

One of the very first things you’re likely to be looking at is actually an engagement ring.

Getting The Ring Right

For many women, they will get to choose the engagement ring they like, or at least choose from a selection of rings and have their best friend act as a go-between to help out their potential fiancee!

However, some women will have a specific designer in mind or a very specific look in mind. This could mean that the search for that engagement ring will turn into a quest to find it. 

This quest for the perfect engagement ring can be frustrating if you are not getting the results you want. Here are five tips to help you out on your journey!

Choose Your Band Color First

The first thing you should do is to look at the engagement ring you want and make a mental note of what the band color would be.

You will want to choose a ring that is going to match your current or eventual wedding band. If it’s a fancy gold band, then go for a yellow gold band. If it’s a more silver color, go for an all-white band.

Have a look online at jewelers like Katie Waltman to see a selection of all different styles of rings that may be suitable for you.

What Stone(s) Do You Want?

After you’ve decided on the band, you can now start to think about what stones you want in the ring.

The most popular engagement rings types are solitaire rings, where there is just one big stone in the center. However, there are also double-stone rings, where there is two smaller stones on both sides of the center diamond. There are also Halo rings which have smaller gems around the band or stone. All of the options listed above can be found on ItsHot’s website, which can be reached via this link.

Traditional, Modern, or Creative? 

Some women may have a traditional engagement ring in mind; other women may want to have a more modern style ring which is perhaps set with one large stone.

The best tip here would be, to simply look at as many rings as you can online until you find the ones that really stand out for you. Even do a search online using specific words such as “engagement”, “wedding,” and “band” and you will find lots of different rings that come up.

Do You Like Shapes or Curves?

As well as the setting of the ring, the shape of the ring is also very important. Do you like rings that are hexagonal or rounder? 

You will find that some engagement rings tend to be boxier in nature, whereas others are very curvy. It’s up to you which style you’re attracted to.

How Big Do You Want It?

The most important question is: Are you looking for a “statement” ring where the center stone is very large? Or are you looking for something more subtle but still stunning?

It will depend on your budget at this point, as well as what you can comfortably wear.

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