5 ways to deal with heartbreak and handle a breakup


Are you going through heartbreak? Don’t put yourself down for feeling weak and give some time to process the emotions. When you feel down and hurt, when all you want to do is sleep and eat ice cream, here are some tips that can help you heal that broken heart:

Take time to feel the emotions

No matter if you just broke up while using the best dating sites. Your long-term partner, or someone you were so passionate about, when you get your heart broken, you will be overwhelmed with emotions. It’s like a waterfall of all the negative emotions a human can feel. But you know what? It is OK to feel sad. It is OK to feel let down, betrayed and angry and have no will to get up for some time. After all, accepting how we feel is the first step to healing that broken heart, right? Emotions are what makes us human, so be gentle to yourself.

Don’t be harsh on yourself or over-analyze

When your heart is broken you can judge harshly not only the one who broke your heart, but yourself as well. We all know that vicious circle of constant over-analyzing and asking questions such as: What would happen if I didn’t check his phone on that Friday night? Is it my fault? Did I deserve this? While reflecting on what led to the heartbreak can help you feel better and grow from that (not really pleasant) experience, making yourself feel bad or putting on a dress of self-blame won’t help you feel better. Accept what it is and say to your inner self that you did the best you could to make it work and learn to slowly let it go. You can find a new partner on Suffolk dating site.

Love yourself

Treat yourself with a nice, expensive desert. By some wonderful flowers and get a new date on dating agency Berkshire. Give yourself a long bubbly bath. Go to the movies with your besties or party like there is no tomorrow. Go to the spa or buy that dress you wanted for so long. Literally, just spoil yourself. You deserve that self-love and you don’t need someone to give you all that attention. You go, girl!

And…Do what you love

The importance of this one is huge. Now that your heart is broken, it is time to dedicate all your time to doing things you love. Express yourself, get creative, get active. Do what makes you happy. Draw, sing in the bathtub, go out, dance, hike, cook, travel or read a book. After all, there is no better therapy for broken heart than being active and occupying yourself with an activity you care about. Try a new date visit Southampton dating site.

Learn from your heartbreak and get better

Forgive and forget is a great idea when having a broken heart, except that forget part. Forgiving will make you feel relieved, but you should never forget how that person made you feel. Take that painful experience as a lesson and learn from it. When you find a new partner on Brisbane dating you will make your next relationship better.  Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. You can learn from any experience.

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