5 Ways To Celebrate Women in the Workplace

women in the workplace

The women you work with at your business deserve to feel appreciated, especially since they historically haven’t. Learn how to celebrate your female employees.

Every March, the US celebrates Women’s History Month. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate female workers all year.

Many businesses and professionals hesitate to show female appreciation and celebration because they worry about alienating people of other gender identities. While inclusivity should celebrate everyone, people who identify as female are historically underappreciated in many fields. That’s why even taking one idea from the list below and implementing it can make your workplace better for everyone, especially female employees. These are five ways to celebrate women in the workplace.

Host a Women’s Empowerment Workshop

One way to empower the women in your workplace is with an in-house event focused on leadership, career growth, and empowerment. Bring in inspirational speakers, provide resources for professional development, and create a platform for women to share their experiences and ambitions. This uplifts women in your workplace and fosters an environment of support and encouragement.

Create a Themed “Lunch and Learn” Series

Schedule a series of “Lunch and Learn” sessions that highlight the achievements of women in various fields. You can do this casually with your co-workers, or management can set up official sessions. Each session could focus on different themes, such as women in tech, science, literature, or social movements. This allows employees to gain a greater appreciation for the strides women have made. These sessions can also inspire conversations around gender equality in the workplace.

Spotlight Female Employees

women in the workplace

All employees want to feel appreciated, and showcasing the accomplishments of your female employees can do just that. Highlight their contributions through company newsletters, intranet articles, or dedicated bulletin board displays. Encourage department heads to nominate women who exemplify leadership, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Initiate a Book or Film Club

If you want a more discussion-based and recurring celebration, start a book or movie club with a focus on women. You can do this on your lunch break, or management can schedule it for a specific time. Select works created by women or about influential women throughout history. Discussing these works allows people to engage in rich dialogue and gain a more profound understanding of women’s roles in shaping our society and various industries.

Support Female-Owned Businesses

As you or your business makes purchases throughout the year, try to support female-owned businesses. Many businesses are proving that women are breaking the glass ceiling, and shopping with them is a great way to offer support. If you or any female employees own a side hustle business, consider supporting them as well.

These are five ways to celebrate women in the workplace so that working women can feel empowered. You can adapt these strategies to help other people feel empowered as well, such as a “Lunch and Learn” series for employees of color or a book club focused on LGBTQ+ issues. If you’re in management and are unsure how your employees want to celebrate themselves and their co-workers, send out a poll and ask.

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