5 ways to boost your Instagram appeal

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Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to business and marketing, but which is the most powerful platform of them all when it comes to real estate? Facebook? Twitter?

In the next two to three years, it will probably be Instagram. The photo-sharing website had 77.5 million regular users in the United States in 2016, and that figure is set to have boomed to 116 million by 2020 if projections are proved correct.

The hashtag #property has over 2.6 million posts on Instagram connected to it, suggesting people like uploading photos of property! Before, a prospective buyer would see a house from the street, like the look of it and book a viewing. Good old fashioned curb appeal.

Curb appeal has moved online now. An Instagram user can stumble across a picture of a home from hundreds of miles away rather than standing on the curb in front of it and decide they want to know more. Are you taking advantage of a platform that makes it easier than ever to connect with potential clients?

If not, there is no time like the present to get stuck in. Do not be put off if your profile only has a few followers at first. Nowadays, thanks to Instagram growth services like Upleap it is easier than ever to purchase Instagram followers and give your account a boost. Of course, buying followers is not the only way to grow your online presence, but by using a mixture of paid and organic digital marketing techniques, you can begin to harness the potential of a well-curated Instagram account surprisingly quickly.

Check out our five ways to boost your Instagram appeal.

Get your photos right

It seems an obvious one on a platform designed for the sole purpose of sharing photos, but to get the most out of Instagram, you’ve got to get your selection of photos right. The best way to do that is by standing out from the crowd with https://instadownloaderpro.com.

While every other real estate agent on Instagram uses day shots of their listing bathed in sunlight, make yours jump out by photographing it at night. A well-lit property with light pouring out of it in contrast to a dark background looks welcoming to the viewer, and it also creates a sense of intrigue – among the darkness surrounding it, what is going on behind those brightly lit walls? You’re enticing a person into looking into a property without them even knowing it.

Some rooms of a home look better at different times of day to others, so if you need to photograph them over the course of a day or via separate visits, then do so. The sun creeping up might illuminate the kitchen best at first light while dusk could be the ideal time to photograph the garden while it is bathed in a beautiful sunset.

Finally, aerial shots are different and far more accessible now thanks to the growing popularity and availability of drones. They are a great way to offer an overview of the whole property, showcasing its size and surroundings and they instantly look different to what your competitors are uploading.

Focus on areas as well as properties

It’s all very well and good having an Instagram feed packed with photos of listings, but you need to offer more color than that to your followers. With insfollowers your account will become more popular. When people are looking for a home, they don’t just take into account the property, but the area it is in as well.

You can help them find out more about the area via Instagram. Take pictures of the historic town hall, the parks and recreational spaces within the town that your property is located and the great countryside surrounding it.

If you can convince a buyer that this is an area they want to be moving into, then you will have a far greater chance of convincing them that this is the home they want to be moving into.

Take advantage of Instagram’s ‘Photo Album’ Feature

Instagram introduced a new photo album feature in February 2017, allowing users to add up to 10 photos in a single post. Previously, users were limited to one single upload meaning that if you wanted to share a number of images of a particular home, you had to have each one as a single post. Not ideal for the real estate agent in terms of showcasing a home, nor for the Instagram user who would be bombarded with a number of separate photos, all showing the same piece of real estate.

The ability to share multiple pictures and videos means that in one post, you can upload ten different images or videos of a property and your followers can cycle through them simply by swiping from left to right. It’s almost like going on a guided tour of the home, allowing the viewer to get a real feel for the property and experience how great it is in one hit.

Post Instagram stories

Around six months before the photo album arrived, Instagram made a move into the market occupied by Snapchat by introducing its stories feature. These consist of short videos that remain online for a 24-hour window for your followers to view. You can get free Instagram followers to grow your page.

Obviously, the 24 hour part isn’t ideal if you want a listing to be seen by a larger selection of your followers, but there are still many great ways the feature can be used. Just like with photo albums, it allows your followers to get a feel for the property as you can use it to walk them through a listing, showcasing the interior and exterior of the property and offering short, sharp descriptions of each room.

The short length of the clip can push traffic onto your main Instagram page as if a follower wants more information on a property they’ve been given a teasing glimpse of via a story, that is where they’ll head to find it. Likewise, as the clips are only online for 24 hours if you can gain a reputation among your followers for the quality of your stories they’ll be checking in with you at least once a day to ensure they haven’t missed anything.

Get your hashtags right

The best way to get your Instagram found by the outside world is by using hashtags. These come into their own when there is a big event going on which ends up trending on social media, and you should always be prepared to find a way to relate this event and its associated hashtag into the world of real estate.

All it takes to do that is a little bit of creativity. Take last year’s total solar eclipse, which was one of the biggest news stories in America in 2017 with #solareclipse and #eclipse2017 both going into overdrive as people uploaded photos of the first such event visible from coast-to-coast for 99 years.

If you were lucky enough to experience it yourself, you could have taken advantage of the furor by securing photos of some of your properties as the skies darkened across the country and then uploading them to Instagram with those hashtags. All of a sudden, people who are searching for photos of the eclipse have found that photo of your listing, and before you know it, they are on your page and aware of your business. For an in-depth guide on user-generated content for Instagram, check this resource by Trend.io.

Source infographic: https://www.itfocus-tm.com/lead-generation-services/

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